The Department of Biomedical & Natural Sciences offers majors in Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, and Natural Sciences along with minors in Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Science, and Sustainability Studies.

The Department of Biomedical & Natural Sciences offers a strong hands-on curriculum that starts with foundational courses followed by specialized courses to give our graduates a competitive edge for advanced studies or employment in the biomedical & natural sciences. Students in the Department may also engage in faculty-directed research, field courses, or a co-op in the biomedical & natural sciences.

We offer an impressive selection of courses including Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Behavior, Aquatic Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biological Forensics, Chemistry, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Entomology, Genetics, Microbiology, Physics, and Pathophysiology.  Discover the secrets of life at Mount St. Joseph!

Biomedical & Natural Sciences Programs

  Biology Major
Biology Major blends knowledge of basic scientific processes with an appreciation of the phenomenon of life.
  Biochemistry Major
A Biochemistry Major takes select chemistry and biology courses that apply the fundamentals of chemistry to living systems.
  Biomedical Sciences Major
Biomedical Sciences Major begins your career in the medical sciences with expert guidance and real-life learning experiences.
  Chemistry Major
A Chemistry Major develops critical thinking and observation skills, while learning lab techniques.
  Natural Sciences Major
A Natural Sciences Major can take a wide range of courses in chemistry, biology, geology and physics. 
  Biology Minor
Biology Minor blends knowledge of basic scientific processes with an appreciation of the phenomenon of life.
  Chemistry Minor
A Chemistry Minor is a great addition to a wide variety of majors including Biology, Exercise Science, and Business.
  Forensic Science Minor
Forensic Science Minor prepares students for careers that blend science with social justice issues.
  Sustainability Studies Minor
A Sustainability Studies Minor will gain interdisciplinary knowledge in ecology, economics, and environmental ethics.


Maria Brown

Ph. D. Associate Professor

Susan Crane

MAT Instructor

Heather Evans

Ph. D. Assistant Professor

Mark Fischer

Ph. D. Professor

Rick Hotz

Ph. D. Associate Professor

Eric Johnson

Ph. D. Chair and Professor

Doug Miller

M. ED. Instructor

Elizabeth Murray

Ph. D. Professor

Andrew Rosendale

Ph. D. Associate Professor

Jamie Titus

Ph. D. Associate Professor and Academic Assessment Coordinator