Frequently Asked Questions

  When will I find out about where I am living?
You will be able log into eRezLife at, to see your room number and roommate information by Mid-June. (Please note: Roommate information will not be accurate until mid-June. Any information that is posted prior may not be accurate.)
  Can I see my room before moving in?
Because of activities during the summer, summer housing, conferences and maintenance, no one is permitted to view their room prior to move in day.
  What comes in my room?
Wardrobe closet, twin bed, bookcase, dresser, and desk with chair.
  Is my room air conditioned?
Yes, all rooms have window air condition units or central air and heating
  Can I have my bed lofted?
Bed loft request can be submitted prior to the first day of class, using the Building and Grounds Maintenance Form Click Here to access form. We contract with a company to loft beds. You will receive information prior to move in about signing up for your bed to be lofted.
  Are animals allowed in my Residence Hall Room?
You are not permitted to have any animal other than a non-dangerous fish in a tank not to exceed 20 gallons. Emotional Support Animals must be approved through the Office of Disability Services prior to the animal coming to campus.
  What can be done if I do not like my roommate?
Room changes are not permitted prior to the 3rd week of classes each semester. In order to request a room change, you have to meet with your Resident Assistant first. When you meet with your Resident Assistant they will work with you and your roommate to complete a Roommate Agreement. If you do not have a Roommate Agreement on file, you will not be able to request a room change.
  Am I able to store my belongings at The Mount over the summer?
No one is permitted to leave any items in their room during the summer.
  How do I submit a work order/ maintenance request?
In order to submit a work order, you will need to go to log in to MyMount and go to the Building and Grounds page and submit the request. Here is the link: Maintenance Request Form
  Am I required to live on campus?

All freshmen and sophomore students enrolled full time (12 or more credit hours) at Mount St. Joseph University are required to live on campus and participate in a meal plan offered by the University’s contracted food service.

  • Exceptions to this policy:
    • The student is married and living with said student’s spouse,
    • The student is 21 years of age or older,
    • The Student is living inside a 35-mile driving distance from the university and is commuting from the home address of said student’s parent or legal guardian.
  How am I assigned to my room?
Returning Upperclass Students will be able to log into eRezlife and select their current room or any open room. Their will be a deadline set and once that date has passed, all remaining students will be auto assigned, based on Availability.

Freshman or Transfer Students will have the option to form roommate groups after completing their application and being approved. Their will be a deadline set and once that date has passed, students will be auto assigned based off of their preferences.
  What is a Resident Assistant (RA)?
Each residence hall floor is assigned a Resident Assistant (RA). RAs are upper-class students who have applied for the position and received extensive leadership and crisis management training. RAs facilitate roommate conflicts and assist students in developing roommate contracts. RAs also plan hall activities and work to build a community in the residence halls.
  What form do I need to complete in order to live off campus?
You will need to complete a commuter verification form. Click HERE for the Commuter Verification Form. complete and turn in to the Office of Residence Life in Seton Hall 132.
  Is a room deposit required?

Yes, you will pay a room deposit fee prior to signing up for housing during your first semester. This fee will be charged through your Admissions Status Page. This fee will have to be paid prior to completing your housing application.  

In addition to your room deposit fee, you will be charged a refundable damage deposit. The damage deposit will be refunded minus any damage charges after leaving the residence hall. 

  May I be assigned a single room or a Center Suite?
Due to the limited amount of single rooms or suites available in the residence hall, it is very difficult to ensure that you will receive a single room or a suite. During your application process, you will be able to select them as a preference. There is no guarantee that you will receive a single or a suite.
  What are the dimensions of my room?
  • Seton West
    • Double: 17’ x 12’
    • Single: 12’ x 10’
  • Seton Center Suite
    • Double: 7’3” x 10’10”
    • Triple: 11’7” x 15’9”
  • Seton East
    • Single: 12’ x 10’
  • Seton Southeast
    • Double/ Large Single: 11’ x 18’6”
  Is storage space provided?
We do not provide any storage spaces in the residence hall outside of your residence hall room You are also not able to store items here over the summer.
  Is cable television service available?
We do not provide cable in the individual rooms, but we do have cable in all lounge spaces throughout the residence hall. We do have high speed internet service in all rooms as well as ethernet ports. We encourage you to bring streaming services and devices.
  Who is responsible for cleaning my room?
Custodial staff is not responsible for cleaning your individual room, but they do clean communal bathrooms on a daily, basis.
  Are laundry facilities available?
Each floor in the residence hall is equipped with at least one laundry facility. It is free to use the washer and drying machines, but you are responsible for laundry detergent.