msj computer for peak productions program in university theatre.

Peak Productions is your opportunity to learn about video production in the field.

You'll receive real world, hands on experience to build production value and storytelling skills. Set yourself apart from the Instagram crowd, and elevate your videos by joining today!


Course Description:

Peak Productions is a hands-on video production experience. Members of the class will be completing projects both on and off campus to provide video services to the greater Mount Community. Peak Productions provides students with the opportunity to work on video projects in areas of their expertise and interest be it field recording, live video streaming technical support, post production editing or motion graphic design, or podcast audio recording. Enrollment in the group is open to all MSJ students by instructor approval. 


Program Scholarship Criteria

Students will receive a $500 scholarship each semester they are a member of Peak Productions. Criteria for good standing as outlined in detail in the course syllabus:

  • Attends the scheduled classes consistently for the entire semester.
  • Completes all of the required projects for the entire semester
  • Maintains a positive attitude and effort toward the success of Peak Productions


Please contact for more information.


Reaching Peak Potential

Charlotte Piwetz

"Peak Productions has given me the confidence to be able to host in front of a camera, and has also given me many skills and knowledge that it takes to produce and host--such as handling the camera, directing the floor, and presenting."