Add chemistry skills and laboratory experience to your degree with a Chemistry minor.


A minor in Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is a great option for students looking to gain chemical knowledge and laboratory experience.  The department maintains a wide variety of modern scientific instruments, which is rare for a school of this size. You will learn to operate these instruments, gaining the hands-on, problem-solving skills that you might miss at a larger school.

The Chemistry minor is a great addition to a wide variety of majors including Biology, Exercise Science and Business.

Great complement to a biology degree
Gain additional instrumentation experience that will help your job search
Apply to that grad program you have been thinking about!
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Susan Crane

MAT Instructor, Chemistry

Christa Currie

Ph. D. Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and the Dean of the School of Behavioral and Natural Sciences

Mark Fischer

Ph. D. Professor, Physics

Rick Hotz

Ph. D. Associate Professor

Eric Johnson

Ph. D. Chairperson and Professor

Kenneth Kroeger

Associate Professor

Jamie Titus

Ph. D. Associate Professor, Chemistry, and Academic Assessment Coordinator for the University

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