Students majoring in Natural Sciences can take a wide range of courses in chemistry, biology, geology and physics.


Students majoring in Natural Sciences can take a wide range of courses in chemistry, biology, geology and physics. This major is an excellent choice for transfer students who need to complete a science degree with flexible course options. It is also excellent preparation for students who plan to pursue a graduate program in the health sciences, such as the MSN-MAGELIN: Master’s Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing program.


Career Potential:

A Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Sciences is a strong option for students wishing to continue into graduate programs in health care. You can also couple the natural sciences major with a minor in chemistry or biology to broaden your career options in the chemistry or biology fields.


Such careers include:

  • Lab technician
  • Quality control technician.

Students interested in preparing for a career in health care at the graduate level are encouraged to contact the Health Professions Advising Committee (


Benefits of the Program:

Because of the flexibility of the program, students can tailor their course work to best fit their career goals. For example, if a student has an interest in biology, they can take additional biology courses to meet the requirements of the Natural Sciences Program. This program also offers the option of taking complementary courses from the Psychology Department that may be of interest to students interested in health care.


Alumni Profiles:

Emily Bernard Schmitz ’18 completed a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Nursing through the Mount’s MSN-MAGELIN program.


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