Chemistry majors develop critical thinking and observation skills, while learning lab techniques.


The Chemistry major, offered in the Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences, provides students a solid grounding in organic and inorganic chemistry and practical experience with modern instrumentation.

Our Chemistry major is certified by the American Chemical Society .


Career Potential:

Students graduating with a chemistry degree have multiple career options. It's an excellent major for students interested in a career as a chemist in a wide range of industries or, with additional graduate work, in health-related fields such as PA (physician assistant), medicine, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, or medical technology.


The Mount's Chemistry Department offers both a B.A. and a B.S. track of study. Find out what makes each degree unique on our Chemistry, B.A. vs. B.S. FAQ page. 


Hands-On Learning:

Under the guidance of faculty, chemistry students at the Mount can participate in original chemistry research. Many research students are co-authors on published chemistry research papers and some present their work at regional professional meetings.


Our extensive cooperative education opportunities provide real-life experiences in industrial settings and research labs in greater Cincinnati. These co-op positions have often led to full-time positions for our students.


News and Updates

Stay up to date with the most recent chemistry program news and events; visit the department of chemistry page.


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Additional Resources

  Faculty and Staff

Mark Fischer

Diana Davis

Meg Reistenberg
Associate Professor Emerita

Richard Hotz
Associate Professor

Eric Johnson
Department Chair & Associate Professor

Jamie Titus
Associate Professor

Christa Currie
Associate Provost of Academic Affairs

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