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MSJ offers several levels of academic scholarships and awards to recognize academic achievement.

Mount St. Joseph University offers a number of valuable resources to make your financial aid application process easier. Our staff is dedicated to your success.

Mount Application Fee Waiver:

Our institution proudly participates in the College Board’s SAT-to-College Application Fee-Waiver Program. If you took the SAT using a fee waiver, you automatically qualify for a college application fee waiver to apply for admission here at Mount St. Joseph University. Click here to learn more about College Board’s SAT-to-College Application Fee-Waiver Program.

Types of financial aid


Scholarships are awards based on outstanding academic performance. These awards do not require repayment. We offer scholarships ranging from $500 to $22,000.

Click here to request a current list of outside (third-party) scholarships. Scholarship eligibility and application materials vary. 


Grants are a form of aid typically based on financial need, provided by the the Mount, or federal or state government. Students who receive grants do not need to repay them. Available grants range from $500 to $11,000.


Loans are a sum of money lent at a specific interest rate for a specific time to students and parents to assist with university costs. They require repayment plus interest. The amount loaned varies depending on eligibility. Loans typically come from the federal government, private institutions or banks.


Students can earn money to help pay their university tuition through student employment. In addition to traditional jobs, students who qualify based on financial need can seek work study or Mount employment opportunities. Each year there are a limited number of Federal Work Study community service opportunities. Please contact us for details or watch for email notifications of available openings. Those who meet the necessary skill levels and professional requirements can apply for a co-op position, allowing them to earn credit and money.

Payment plan

This interest-free monthly plan makes tuition payments more convenient and affordable. The Mount offers a payment plan through Nelnet that lets you pay all or part of your educational expenses in manageable monthly installments.

Individual attention

The Office of Student Administrative Services is committed to your success, that’s why we work to make a university education affordable. In addition to the resources offered in our office, we provide other tools and information to help you navigate the financial aid process.


Use our Academic Scholarship Wizard to determine if you qualify for any of the academic-performance based scholarships offered to undergraduate students at Mount St. Joseph University.

Our handy Net Price Calculator makes it easy for you to determine the approximate cost of an education at the Mount, after factoring in all financial aid and expected family contributions.


Need-based aid is awarded on the basis of a student’s financial need calculated from the information supplied on the FAFSA. Learn how to apply for and receive grants or loans in our step-by-step getting started guide.

You aren’t the first student to apply for financial aid. Read case studies on how other students used financial aid to help make university affordable. You can apply what you learn to your financial aid application process.

Figuring out financial aid can be confusing, but you aren’t alone. Read tips from the experts in the Office of Student Administrative Services on applying for and receiving financial aid. We also provide a helpful glossary so you can find out what commonly-used financial aid terms actually mean.

We also provide convenient links to external Web sites that offer important financial aid information.

Contact the Office of Student Administrative Services

The Office of Student Administrative Services provides financial aid support to students at the Mount. If you have questions about applying for and receiving financial aid, contact us today.

Kathryn Kelly, Director
Phone: (513) 244-4418
5701 Delhi Road
Cincinnati, OH 45233-1670

Conlan Center Help Desk Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.