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Movie Review: ‘It’s a Beautiful  Day’ to Be Reminded That We Matter

By: Maddie Axtell


In a time when it seems as though the world is fueled by hate, that which stirs compassion is among the most important forms of art. Read more. 


Getting Out the Vote Plan

By: Sydney Dotson


Civic engagement is defined as any individual or group activity addressing issues of public concern, to make a change or difference in the community. Read more. 


Eastman Returns to the Mount with Dual Goals: Diversity and Inclusion

By: Sasha Feldmann


Mount St. Joseph welcomed Dr. Rayshawn Eastman on Feb. 10 as the new Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Title IX Coordinator. Read more. Read more.


Athletes Join to Have Impact on Others

By: Katie Drinkuth


On Thursdays evenings in the Interfaith Chapel at the Mount, a group of students come together to grow in faith and spirituality through their shared passion for sports. Read more. 


Woman as Person: Sister of Charity’s Women’s Studies Program Impacted Lives

 By: AJ Keith


The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati is made up of powerful women dedicated to the service of others, but they also take time to educate themselves on what it means to be not just a strong woman, but a strong person. Read more.