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Mount St. Joseph University.
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Lions Were Up For the 'Dateline' Challenge

By: Elizabeth Bookser Barkley, Dateline Advisor


Here are contributions from students, faculty, staff and Mount graduates, giving a glimpse into their experience of Covid-19 through six-word "memoirs." Read more.


Relationship Building: Now More Than Ever

By: Elsa Black, Staff Writer


Welcome to our new reality where social distancing can likely lead to being socially awkward. In the midst of all the chaos, now is the time to either stand out or be left out. Read more.


Got That Pandemic Insomnia? Forget Books. Let’s Bake.

By: Samantha Jones, Dateline Alum Guest Writer ‘94


It begins the same way each time. I’m awake. I know, even without looking at the clock, that it’s about 3 a.m. Read more.


Longing for Travel in a Post-Pandemic World

By: William Sack


Promises of visiting a new world of cultures, landscapes, and people surely flashed into the minds of many optimistic students. Read more.


Veterans are Creating 'Havoc' at the Mount

By: Benjamin Gerdsen, Staff Writer


You might have seen them walking the halls. Many may be in your very class. Read more.



Mount Hosts Weekly Nondenominational Service

By: Emily Lanter, Staff Writer


Beginning this semester, Mount St. Joseph has started offering a nondenominational Christian worship service. Read more.