The Department of Creative Arts offers majors in Art Education, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Music, and Music Education. Minors are offered in Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Music, and Photography.


The Department of Creative Arts, within the School of Arts & Sciences, is a place for visual and performing arts. In addition to several theatre and musical performances throughout the academic year, Studio San Giuseppe, the on-campus art gallery, offers a wide array of exhibits and activities year-round.

Creative Arts Programs

  Art Education Major
The Art Education Major will help students discover a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop their artistic abilities through an education lens.
  Fine Arts Major
The Fine Arts Major will help students discover a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop their artistic abilities.
  Graphic Design Major
The Graphic Design Major is a career-oriented program that will launch students into the creative world of visual communication.
  Music Major
The Music Major teaches performance skills and provides knowledge for careers requiring general musicianship.
  Music Education Major
The Music Education Major teaches performance skills and provides knowledge for teaching a new generation of musicians.
  Art Minor
The Art Minor will discover a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop their artistic abilities.
  Art History Minor
The Art History Minor gives students an appreciation for the long and varied history of visual communication.
  Graphic Design Minor
The Graphic Design Minor is a perfect option for creative individuals interested in augmenting their areas of study.
  Music Minor
The Music Minor provides students with a broad base of knowledge and performance skills.
  Photography Minor
The Photography Minor teaches students to communicate visually.


Ulli Brinksmeier

M.M. Associate Professor

Swati Chopra

MDes Assistant Professor

Kurt Grannan

MFA Associate Professor

Michaelann Kelley

Ed. D Chair and Assistant Professor

Susan Ruttle Lawrence

MA Program Director, Art Education

Mark McCafferty

M.F.A. Program Director, Music and Assistant Professor

Loyola Walter

MFA Associate Professor

Emily Wiethorn

MFA Assistant Professor


Lauren Carr

BFA Director of Theatre Arts

Josclynn Garrison

M.M. Director of Bands

Kelsey DeMange

M.M. Director of Choral Activities


Bryan Berwanger

B.M. Bass Instructor

Martha Carroll

Adjunct Faculty

Lauren Gaines

M.A.A. Adjunct Faculty

Minhwa Kim

D.M.A. Adjunct Faculty, Violin and Viola

Eunhwa Lee

Adjunct Faculty, Piano

Lauren McAllister

Adjunct Faculty

Debra McDonough

M.M.Ed. Adjunct Faculty, Music Education

Eugene Marquis

M.M. Adjunct Faculty, Clarinet, Saxophone, and Woodwinds

Josh Omaits

BM Adjunct Faculty

Maria Rivers

Adjunct Faculty, Music Education

Robert Ross

Adjunct Faculty

Daniel Stenger

Adjunct Faculty

Caroline Stine

MFA Adjunct Faculty, Acting

Tom Tsuchiya

B.A. Adjunct Faculty

Therese Waldbillig

B.F.A. Adjunct Faculty

Chris Wilke

BA Adjunct Faculty, Guitar


Gerald Bellas

MFA Faculty Emeritus

Cecelia Dorger

Ph. D. Retired

Dr. Sharon Kesterson Bollen

Ed. D. Professor Emerita

Beth Brann

MDes Professor Emerita

Sylvia Dick


John Griffith

MeD Faculty Emeritus

Pam Korte


Craig Lloyd

MFA Professor Emeritus

Dan Mader

MFA Professor Emeritus

Kathy Salchow