M.Ed., Instructional Technology AIU; B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology


In 1980, Professor Griffith earned a Bachelor of Science in Photographic Imaging Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has guided the Mount photography and imaging areas, teaching thirteen different course titles, since 1981.

Professor Griffith opened a successful photography studio after returning to Cincinnati from New York in 1980. His work has appeared in books, magazines, advertisements and corporate annual reports for more than 35 years.

Professor Griffith earned a Master of Education in Instructional Technology and Online Course Design in 2004. His teaching philosophy revolves around the idea that "teaching is a way of living." This philosophy is reflected in each of his courses. Professor Griffith was named Mount E-Professor of the year in 2007 for his pioneering work integrating technology into his courses.

Mr. Griffith's non-photographic interests include, beekeeping, digital system design, low impact farming methods, working with 4H, and building energy efficient geodesic dome structures.