A faculty of accomplished performers, composers and teachers guide students. Performance opportunities include vocal and instrumental ensembles and departmental recitals.

Students who successfully complete the music program:

  • Demonstrate performance ability appropriate for the B.A. in music
  • Perform advanced ensemble literature
  • Comprehend various musical genres and stylistic periods
  • Understand theoretical/compositional music concepts and
  • Critically review personal musical/intellectual performance.

Join our Ensembles!

The Mount St. Joseph University Department of Music promotes musical engagement within the University, and throughout the Community.  In addition to music specific major and minor programs, musical experience opportunities are available for all students audition as performers in University Band, University Singers, and Orchestra!

Students involved in these groups can apply to qualify for an Ensemble award of up to $1,000 a year off tuition. Contact Mark McCafferty at mark.mccafferty@msj.edu for details. 

University Band performs four concerts per year, in the University Theater. Performances can also occur at athletic events and graduation ceremonies. There can be other ensemble opportunities including:

  • drumline
  • pep band
  • steel drum band
  • jazz band
  • chamber ensembles

Contact Mark McCafferty at mark.mccafferty@msj.edu for details.

University Singers perform four concerts per year, in the Mater Dei Chapel.  Additional performance opportunities can occur during celebration of mass and baccalaureate services. There are opportunities for small group singing including as well.

Contact Joseph Rivers at joseph.rivers@msj.edu for details.

Orchestra: String players attending MSJ are eligible to perform with the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra, an offsite (Seton High School Theater) community orchestra that typically draws between 600 and 1,000 person audiences.  Course credit is available. 

Contact Mark McCafferty at mark.mccafferty@msj.edu for details.

Music Majors and Minors: Music Majors must audition for acceptance into our program. The audition also puts a prospective major into competition for up to $3,000 a year in merit awards!

Contact Mark McCafferty at mark.mccafferty@msj.edu for details.


2019-20 Mount St. Joseph University Performance Dates:


4th Open Mic

17th Audition Day 1-8

18th Faculty Recital 7:30pm, Recital Hall

21st MSJ Closed 

25th Band Concert 7pm, Theatre

26th Ash Wednesday Mass, noon, Mater Dei




3rd Choir 7:30pm Mater Dei

6th and 7th Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Festival



3rd through 5th MSJ MUSICAL, Schoolhouse Rock Live! 

21st Open Mic

23rd Student Recital

26th Jamie Merz Senior Recital, 2pm, Recital Hall

28th Choir Concert

30th Band Concert