Artists and designers are born to create. They can’t ignore that artistic urge, and they love to produce meaningful work. Creatives are one-of-a-kind individuals with their own unique vision and style. If this describes you, then you are absolutely the type of student that we value most.

The renowned Mount St. Joseph University Department of Art and Design offers degrees in art education, fine arts, and graphic design. We also offer minors in art, art history, graphic design, and photography. These advanced programs of study offer many opportunities for customization and specialization. Our highly accomplished faculty is committed to helping you reach your fullest potential so that you may achieve your goals upon graduation. The Mount Art and Design programs are not cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all. At the Mount, we want you to be you.

Mount Art and Design students:

  • Engage in the creative process to solve problems, communicate ideas, express feelings, and create experiences.
  • Learn to use the latest digital technologies and traditional methods to turn their ideas into professional quality 2D images and 3D structures.
  • Develop the ability to identify the formal, technical, and expressive elements in art and design pieces.
  • Understand and appreciate the historical, social, and cultural contexts in both past and present art and design works.
  • Are well prepared to begin rewarding careers in art education, graphic design, or the visual arts upon graduation.
  • Are thoroughly equipped for additional study at the graduate level.

You will study and work in professionaly designed studio spaces within the Dorothy Meyer Ziv Art and Design Building and the Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery. You will be eligible to study or intern abroad with our many travel courses or through an agreement with American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) and Richmond University, London. You will also have the opportunity to participate in local or regional cooperative education, work study, service learning, and internship options designed to provide real-world career experience and marketable skills.

Art and Design scholarships are available to students based on the artistic potential demonstrated in their portfolios.

Discover specific program details by visiting the Art Education, Fine Arts, and Graphic Design webpages.