Department Overview

Mount St. Joseph University's Department of Nursing has one mission: provide women and men with a liberal arts and sciences education that complements, supplements, and integrates with the specialized knowledge and skills vital to the practice of patient-centered nursing.


Department Statistics

90.4% 2019 NCLEX Pass Rate
100% School of Health Sciences
2-Year Career Outcomes Rate
100 Years of Quality Nursing Education

Our Programs

  BSN - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program has a long outstanding history at the University in preparing women and men as professional nurses.

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  MSN - Master of Science in Nursing

Students in the Master of Science Degree in Nursing program learn to become effective nursing educators and leaders.

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  DNP - Doctor of Nursing Practice in Health Systems Leadership

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program provides the terminal academic preparation for patient-focused advanced nursing practice.

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  MAGELIN - Master's Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing

MSN-MAGELIN  offers the shortest path for college graduates who want to enter the field of nursing. Students earn a master’s degree and are ready to enter the nursing profession as a generalist.

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Chima John

High Climber

Chima John ’19, M.S.N., R.N., C.P.N., C.C.M. Care Manager, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Chima earned his undergraduate degree in nursing from the Mount, began his career at CCHMC as a student co-op, then earned his Master of Science in Nursing from the Mount. He credits the instructors in the M.S.N. program for empowering him to believe that he could make a difference in his patients’ lives.

Outstanding Reputation

The Department of Nursing at Mount St. Joseph University has an outstanding reputation built on a century of educating nurses. Graduates have gone on to become effective practitioners, administrators, and educators in nursing and health care delivery locally, nationally, and globally.

The Department of Nursing provides educational and experiential opportunities for students to meet new challenges in the health and nursing needs of individuals across the lifespan, acute-care and community-based settings, as well as educating clients to maintain optimal levels of health and wellness.


Nursing Facilities

Facilities and Faculty

The University's state-of-the-art nursing lab and simulation center is a practice setting for the development of skills transferrable to the clinical area.  Of even greater value to students, however, is The Department of Nursing's faculty, an unparalleled team of eminently qualified professionals dedicated to preparing future nurses for health care’s dynamic environment.


Take a virtual tour of our Nursing Skills Lab and other facilities and equipment at Mount St. Joseph.

Launch Aquinas Hall - Nursing Skill Labs

Our Philosophy

The Department of Nursing believes superior training and professional expertise are best attained through an interactive learning experience. In practice, this means our faculty and students, as well as colleagues from other disciplines, work in partnership with patients in need of nursing and health care. Such collaboration and shared responsibilities create an educational environment of mutual respect, accountability, leadership, and self-direction.

We also strongly believe the most effective learning in nursing occurs when intellectual debate and inquiry are encouraged, and when varied learning styles, values, and experiences are acknowledged and respected. Accordingly, our educational foundation for nursing practice is the synthesis, integration, and application of information gleaned from:

  • theories and research
  • liberal arts and sciences
  • technology, religious studies, and philosophy
  • attitudes and values of nursing and colleagues from other disciplines
  • the experiences of culturally, and socioeconomically diverse people.

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