The Department of Computer Science & Mathematics offers a Computer Science major with a choice of concentration in either Social Computing or Application Development.The Social Computing concentration encourages a double major with Liberal Arts, Communication and New Media Studies, or Behavioral Science. However, additional majors may also be considered depending on the number of advanced placement credits the student has completed.  In addition to the major, the department offers minors in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, and Web & Mobile App Development. Students interested in these programs should contact the Department of Computer Science & Mathematics.

Computer Science & Mathematics Programs at MSJ

  Computer Science Major

Computer Science Major

Are you imaginative, curious, logical, strategic, innovative, methodical or dedicated? Then a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science may be the degree to fulfill your dreams. This program requires a minor in one of a list of specified academic disciplines, allowing students to tailor their course of study to their individual interests.

  Social Computing Major

Social Computing Major

Students must pursue a double major in Social Computing and any other major such as Liberal Arts, New Media Communications, Behavioral Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Biomedical Sciences. Blending a Computer Science degree with a liberal arts degree or another science degree offers students an enhanced, interdisciplinary understanding of what data language is and how it can be used to meet the demands of today's world.

  Computer Science Minor

Computer Science Minor

A Computer Science minor enhances a resumé and provides skills that are highly sought after by employers.  While computer science is its own academic field, its value is greatly enhanced when combined with another discipline. A minor in computer science complements a major in another discipline by giving students a greater depth of appreciation of computation and its possibilities.

  Data Science Minor

Data Science Minor

The Minor in Data Science at Mount St. Joseph University provides students with the skills to discover, analyze, and visualize data in new and exciting ways. It is intended to give students a solid foundation in programming, statistics and analytics. In addition, the minor is designed to provide students with the ability to extract knowledge from data using popular languages such as Python and R, and interpret the data for the purpose of decision making.

  Mathematics Minor

Mathematics Minor

Mathematics minors formulate and solve real-world problems.

  Web and Mobile App Development Minor

Web & Mobile App Development Minor

Web & Mobile App Development minor provides the skill set to develop social networking sites, blogs, video sharing sites and mobile apps.


Rebecca Allen

Ph. D. Chair and Assistant Professor

David Karsner

M. Ed., M.A. Instructor

Ann Kessler

M.S. Instructor

Alex Nakonechnyi

Ph. D. Associate Provost, Campus Technology

William Mandella

M.S. Program Director, Mathematics and Instructor


Brook Batch

MBA Creative Project & Research Coordinator

Jacqueline Roberts

MBA Director Technology Design, Development & User Experience Division of Information Services & Support