The Minor in Data Science at Mount St. Joseph University provides students with the skills to discover, analyze, and visualize data in new and exciting ways. It is intended to give students a solid foundation in programming, statistics and analytics. In addition, the minor is designed to provide students with the ability to extract knowledge from data using popular languages such as Python and R, and interpret the data for the purpose of decision making.

Since data now drives many industries and the ability to work with data has become a critical skill in a variety of fields of study, the data science minor is a natural complement to any major. Essentially, a student with a data science minor will be better prepared for the workplace of the future.

*The minor requires 23 credit hours in the Mathematics and Computer Science departments.

Students Learn How to:

  • Collect data 
  • Understand data in various formats
  • Scrape data from web sites or mine large datasets
  • Transform data into data structures used in analysis
  • Draw meaning from data 
  • Visualize data for enhanced understanding
  • Statistically analyze data to summarize, draw inferences, and make predictions
  • Discover and characterize patterns in large data sets

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