All single, full-time, undergraduate students under 21 will live on campus and participate in our food service meal program. This policy also applies to students who have completed fewer than 59 credit hours before the first day of class of any given semester. Questions about the housing policy should be directed to the Office of Residence Life at (513) 244-4304.


Living Off Campus

According to an official state map, we do make exceptions to that rule for students living with parents or a legal guardian within a 35-mile radius of campus. A complete list of zip codes is available on Form 8, which is available below. If you live off campus, but fail to meet either of these requirements, you’ll be charged the lowest room and board rates for that semester.

Requests to live off campus from freshman and sophomore students who do not meet one of the above exceptions must be approved in advance by the Dean of Students. Specific eligibility requirements to live off campus may be obtained from Seton 132.

Residents must complete the Housing Application listed below in the Get Started section. In addition to indicating your room preference, the form captures some key information about you to help us in assigning rooms. You must include a $100 housing deposit with the application.


Community Guide The purpose of this guide is to provide a summary of the year round view of life in the residence hall. This guide includes information about policies, services offered, and procedures for using the facilities available to students living in the hall.



Commuters must complete the Commuter Verification form listed below in the Next Step section.


Cable Television

We’ll provide basic cable television service to each room and the lounges in the Residence Hall. You must bring your own television and coaxial cable wire.



Washers and dryers are located throughout the residence hall. There is no additional charge to use them.


Renters Insurance

We highly encourage our residents to have renters insurance. Our partner NSSI/Worth Ave. Group provides afforable rates to students at


Automobiles and Motorcycles

You can drive your vehicles and motorcycles on campus, but they must be registered with the Campus Police and display a valid parking permit.

You can visit the Campus Police to register your vehicle during the Orientation Session.