You play a role in keeping Mount St. Joseph University safe. Students, faculty, and staff involvement and cooperation in any campus safety program is an absolute necessity. All university community members must take responsibility for their safety and the security of their property. Remember these simple, common-sense precautions:

  • Although the campus is well lit, you’ll find safety in numbers and should walk with a companion or in groups at night.
  • Always lock dorm rooms and office doors.
  • Mark valuables with a personal identification number in case of loss or theft.
  • Use our escort programwhen necessary.
  • Have your keys ready and watch for suspicious people or activities when walking to the parking lot.
  • Avoid leaving keys in your vehicle unattended and keep all valuables out of plan view.
  • Lock all valuables, laptops, cameras, briefcases, and book bags in the trunk.
  • Lock your automobile.
  • Never leave books or personal items unattended.