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Dateline is the student newspaper of Mount St. Joseph University. The paper is published monthly and features the latest events and views on campus.


For Mount’s Director of Mission and Ministry, It’s Time to Move On

By: Elizabeth Bookser Barkley

Sister of Charity Nancy Bramlage has packed a lot into her five years as Director of Mission and Ministry at the Mount. Read more.

Maria Karagianis: Intrepid Reporter

By: Monica Brucher

An award-winning journalist, Karagianis has had a lot of adventures in her life. Read more.

A Mission Trip to Remember

By: Sarah Campbell

The annual faculty and staff mission trip to New Orleans is underway as the summer is approaching. Read more.

Physician Assistant Program Aims for Professionalism, Empathy, Service

By: Sasha Feldmann

In 2018, the Mount will continue its excellent performance in medicine by offering Cincinnati’s only Physician Assistant (PA) study program, with no others for 60 miles in any direction. Read more.

Music Is Just One Passion of Mount Professor

By: Ryan Korengel

Most students and faculty would agree that the most appealing feature of Mount St. Joseph University is the opportunity for professors and students to build deeper connections on both personal and professional levels. Read more.

A Night Out with the Reds

By: Matt Morris

Since I moved to Cincinnati in January 2014, I have learned a lot of what this city holds dear as far as traditions and uniqueness goes. Read more.

Movie Review: The Edge of Seventeen

By: Mike Mullin

“There are two types of people in this world. The kind that naturally excel at life, and the people that wish those people would get blown up in an explosion.” Read more.

Mother of the Streets of Cincinnati

By: Katie Schmelz

If you had asked Paulette King what she would be doing in 20 years, helping gang members find a way to disassociate themselves from gang activity and constantly aiding domestic abuse victims would not have been her answer. Read more.

Music Review: Motionless in White’s Graveyard Shift

By: Megan Simmermeyer

For over 10 years, the metal band Motionless in White has been enthralling audiences with their dramatic performances and intense sound. Read more.

Review: Burgers, Brews and Barges

By: Merita Sohn

With the dreary gray days of winter behind us, a few Sundays ago was a time to get outside and enjoy a beautiful spring day. Read more.

A Life Dedicated to Others: Rachel Jackson

By: Danielle Watkins

For most college students, pushing through their classes is enough of a struggle without trying to simultaneously bring awareness to a growing social problem. Read more.

Design Students Create a Brand with Refugees in Mind

By: Josh Zeller

When facts and figures concerning refugees are reported, all seems bleak and hopeless. These people are labelled as victims, which they are—but it is often left at that. Read more.