Copies of student newspaper Dateline.

Dateline is the student newspaper of Mount St. Joseph University. The paper is published monthly and features the latest events and views on campus.

Student Newspaper Seeks Applicants for 2016-17

by Elizabeth Barkley

The Mount’s online student newspaper, Dateline, is seeking applications from undergraduate students for positions on next year’s editorial staff. Read more.

Signing off from Dateline and the Mount

by Weston Atchison

Graduating senior, Wes Atchison reflects on the lessons he's learned, and the people he has met during his time at the Mount. Read more.

Quotes Project Aims to Inspire

by Sarah Campbell

Recently, the Mount took on a project to help motivate students. The project can be seen on some of the walls around campus, so be on the lookout! Read more.

“There’s No Place like Home,” Earth. So Care for It, Sister of Charity Urges

by Josh Zeller

Through her experiences, Sister Caroljean Willie has come to realize something fundamental about the fight for the environment: it is not through our governments that change will be brought about, but through the people that they serve. Read more.

One of Golf’s Greats Finishes Mount Career

by Ryan Korengel

Eric Hensler has quite possibly redefined the standards for what it takes to play golf at Mount St. Joseph University. Read more.

An International Life: The Experience of Study Abroad

by London Bishop

In the midst of the journey of learning about oneself that is college, being able to visit another country, absorb that culture, and realize that one is part of a global community, is an invaluable part of carving out one’s mind and worldview. Read more.

Help Yourself to Music on the Ohio River

by Garret Liette

Cincinnati has hosted a three-day music festival just off the Ohio River every summer since July of 2012. It is the Bunbury Music Festival. Read more.

New Campus Group: A Chance to Share Faith

by Monica Brucher

Faith. It’s something intertwined with life and especially throughout our experiences here at Mount St. Joseph University. Learn about a brand new faith sharing experience here on campus, a group from Campus Ministry called Caminos. Read more.