Dateline is the student newspaper of Mount St. Joseph University. The paper is published monthly and features the latest events and views on campus.

To Legalize, or Not to Legalize?

by: Hunter Little

Students at Mount Saint Joseph University have started speaking out about their beliefs on whether marijuana substance should be legalized or whether the idea should go up in smoke. Read the complete story.

Division III: ‘It’s More Than Just Sports’

by: Hannah Losey

It was between two schools: one that would offer some significant financial assistance of $12,000 a semester and another that had only the option of full tuition. It was between a Division II and Division III school, with volleyball standing as the decision-maker for both. Read the complete story.

Men’s Basketball Team Rises to Top

by: Weston Atchison

Mount St. Joseph’s men’s basketball team solidified themselves as the top seed in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference with a win at home over conference rivals, Defiance College, Feb. 7. Read the complete story.

Homework, Headaches, and Stress - Oh My!

by: Alyssa McCreadie

Do you find yourself struggling with hours and hours of homework? Like a zombie rising from the grave, a typical college student may rise from an entombment of books and worksheets preparing for another day on campus. Read the complete story.

The ‘Real’ College Experience

by: Rebecca Hyde

Twenty-year-old Bradley Moorhead, a senior at Indiana University, recalls what it felt like to first enter the collegiate level as a freshman. “It was really tough to leave my parents after I got everything unpacked. I knew I was ready for college, but it still isn’t easy leaving the people you’ve spent your whole life with. Once I got settled in, things started going smoothly and I adjusted to college life pretty well. I was excited for the new experience. Read the complete story.

A Time to Honor Special Mount People

by: Maggie Davis 

The month of February has been called “Honors Season” at the University for many years.  It’s a time for the whole Mount community to reflect on our accomplishments and to nominate ourselves and others for a wide variety of awards and recognitions.  The season, which began Jan. 25 and will culminate with the Convocation during the Celebration of Teaching & Learning on Thursday, April 16,  has become a favorite time of the year. Read the complete story.

She’s a Modern Michelangelo

by: Amanda Gratsch

In a small Church in Millville, Ohio, newly painted depictions of biblical figures rest on the above back wall of this sacred place. Completed in layers of freshly applied paint, they exude holy radiance and outreaching grace to be worn with upcoming years of tradition. Read the complete story.

Mount Athletes Give Back

by: Weston Atchison

As part of an institution founded upon the principle of giving back to the community, Mount St. Joseph University student athletes continue this in service projects that vary from team to team involving many different deserving organizations. Read the complete story