1-Up Gaming Club

1-Up Gaming Club creates a fun and relaxing environment for the MSJ community through all forms of media for games to create new friendships, build community and further expand the passion for games at the Mount.


Black Student Union

BSU members organize activities that promote social interaction and understanding between members and the wider Mount St. Joseph University community. It supports and advises African-American students, and promotes diversity and awareness by hosting and participating in events on and off campus. Membership is open to all Mount students.


Bowling Club

Bowling Club gives students the opportunity to bowl with others for fun. Bowling Club takes students to a local bowling alley once per month for socializing and friendly competition.


Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board is the University's main programming body. Members organize activities, programs and events that enrich the entire campus community. CAB plans a variety of programs that include comedians, bands, novelty events and lectures. CAB also purchases tickets to local movies theaters, seasonal programs and sporting events and sells them at a discounted rate. CAB is open to all students.


Commuter Council

Any student interested in enhancing commuter life on campus is welcome to join Commuter Council. Throughout the semester, commuter students come together to talk about issues on campus related to commuters along with ways to improve campus and campus programming.


Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club is an organization in which students can practice their writing skills and freely express their ideas and creativity with others who share this interest. 



Dateline is the Mount's free, monthly student online newspaper. Dateline covers campus news, hot spots in Cincinnati, campus sports, and movie and book reviews. The paper serves as the voice of the students, allowing students to express their opinions and cover topics of interest to them.


Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Delta Tau Delta is the place for leaders to hone their skills, youths to grow, students to find support and guidance and men to find their paths to a life of excellence. With more than 150 years of guiding men via Truth, Courage, Faith and Power, the Delta Tau Delta experience has fostered innovators, advocates, change agents and community leaders by affecting the world through self-discovery. 


Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Team

Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Team is a team of students that lead the development of Greek Life at the Mount. The team focuses on the establishment of National Panhellenic Committee (NPC) fraternities and sororities as well as National Panhellenic Council (NPHC) fraternities and sororities, otherwise known as Divine 9 or historically black Greek organizations.


Group Fitness

Group Fitness is an organization dedicated to healthy living and choices. Group fitness brings fun fitness programs to the Mount such as Yoga, Zumba and various dance exercises.


Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter

Habitat for Humanity builds houses for underprivileged individuals, while advocating for the organization by raising funds and creating awareness of poverty and housing insecurity.


Helping All Veterans in Communities

As the Veterans social club on campus, HAVIC strives to assist and educate people about Veterans' issues within the community. HAVIC is open to all faculty, students, and staff.


Hispanic/Latinx Student Union

Hispanic/Latinx Student Union provides a safe, inclusive space for all students to learn about Hispanic/Latinx culture and heritage with engaging and educational activities.


Interfaith Club

Interfaith Club is open to all students interested in a variety of areas including: social justice, service, retreats, prayer and worship, spiritual and personal development, leadership development and deepening of faith. Activities include a variety of retreats, prayer services, opportunities for faith sharing, service trips and social action.



Lions-on-Line is an organization devoted to celebrating the creativity of Mount St. Joseph University students and alumni. In both the fall and spring semesters, the students involved in Lions-On-Line produce a literary magazine featuring poetry, fiction, essays and visual art. 



MountCast provides the Mount Community with a weekly podcast that promotes student life at the Mount. Students in MountCast develop all aspects of and host each podcast.


Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance provides a safe space for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions to meet and learn; offers opportunities to learn, teach and discuss the challenges surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity within the Catholic and University Mission of respecting all people; and, builds community pride, mutual understanding and support for all.


Residence Hall Council

Residence Hall Council (RHC) serves as an activities board for students living in Seton Residence Hall. RHC is dedicated to improving the quality of life and creating a positive experience for all resident students at the Mount. RHC creates and supports programs and initiatives on campus that are designed to help resident students build new relationships, achieve academic success, and become active members and leaders of the Mount Community.


Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) enhances the student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity for all student-athletes, protecting student-athlete welfare, and fostering a positive student-athlete image, while maintaining the tenants of the Division III philosophy.


Student Environmental Enthusiasts

Student Environmental Enthusiasts builds community, teach students about the environment, and improves student life through activities pertaining to the outdoors.


Students Today Alumni Tomorrow

Students Today Alumni Tomorrow’s goal is to connect students past, present, and future. The organization offers leadership, networking and social opportunities to students serious about being successful. 


Theta Phi Alpha Sorority

Theta Phi Alpha is a national women’s social fraternity, and is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference. The mission of Theta Phi Alpha encompasses far more than providing a social network for female identifying individuals. For more than 100 years, the siblings of Theta Phi Alpha have maintained a history rich in educational excellence, professional achievement, and a deep commitment to social service.