The mission of the Department of Behavioral Sciences is to develop graduates who value diversity and embrace the integration of life and learning. We aim to foster a learning environment in which students can understand and apply the core concepts and elements of social science. Building upon existing programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology, students are prepared with a broad foundation that emphasizes the analytical and critical thinking skills needed for a broad range of professional careers.

Behavioral Sciences Programs

  Behavioral Science Major
The Behavioral Sciences Major is customizable and can be crafted according to each student’s unique interests and career aspirations.
  Criminology Major
The Criminology Major studies the nature and causes of crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system.
  Psychology Major
The Psychology Major investigates human behavior and mental processes.
  Criminology Minor
The Criminology Minor researches the relationship between criminal law and social order to understand crime and criminal behavior.
  Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation Minor
The Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation Minor at the Mount is designed to provide students an introduction to the study of the growing number of non-violent crimes that are committed for financial gain through fraud and deception.
  Gerontology Minor
The Gerontology Minor prepares students to work with older adults in different environments.
  Psychology Minor
The Psychology Minor focuses on the theories, research techniques, and applications of the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes.
  Sociology Minor
The Sociology Minor explores social change, social causes, and the consequences of human behavior.
  Socio-Psychology Minor
The Socio-Psychology Minor combines sociology and psychology to examine human behavior.
  Victim Studies Minor
The Victim Studies Minor is designed to help students gain a better understanding of victims of crime.


Jim Bodle

Ph. D. Professor

J.W. Carter II

Ph. D. Associate Professor

Tracy McDonough

Ph. D. Chair and Professor

Kory Phelps

M.S. Instructor

Pierre Rivolta

Ph. D., CFE Associate Professor