The MSJ Admissions and School of Education Welcomes the Leading Men Fellows on Campus!

leading men fellowship group

The Literacy Lab Leading Men Fellowship is a strategic initiative designed to enhance the educational opportunities available to Leading Men Fellow (LMF) participants through increased access and scholarship opportunities at Mount St. Joseph University. LMF participants can earn an award of $20,000 per academic year, for a total of four consecutive academic years, and a maximum value of $80,000.


The Literacy Lab’s Leading Men Fellowship creates opportunities for young men of color and increases representation in the field of education. Leading Men Fellows are young men of color who have recently graduated from high school and participate in a year-long, residency-style experience in which they provide evidence-based literacy support to pre-kindergarten students while receiving robust coaching and professional development and gaining valuable experience. Learn more about the Leading Men Fellowship here.


“MSJ Admissions and The School of Education thoroughly enjoyed hosting the Leading Men Fellows on our campus! Their energy is always invigorating. During their visit, we engaged in a stimulating debate on the significance of intelligence versus imagination. Additionally, they had the chance to tour our campus and hear from various departments and to get their questions about MSJ answered.


We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these exceptional young men, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership. Together, we aim to further advocate for the importance of men of color in education.” Laura Saylor, Ph. D., Dean of Education and Professor





Watch the GreenLight Cincinnati and The Literacy Lab’s Leading Men Fellowship Program to Cincinnati video: