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Go Further as a Leading Men Fellow - MSJ Connections Scholar 

The Literacy Lab Leading Men Fellowship is a strategic initiative designed to enhance the educational opportunities available to Leading Men Fellow (LMF) participants through increased access and scholarship opportunities at Mount St. Joseph University. LMF participants can earn an award of $20,000 per academic year, for a total of four consecutive academic years, and a maximum value of $80,000.

About the Leading Men Fellowship

The Literacy Lab’s Leading Men Fellowship creates opportunities for young men of color and increases representation in the field of education. Leading Men Fellows are young men of color who have recently graduated from high school and participate in a year-long, residency-style experience in which they provide evidence-based literacy support to pre-kindergarten students while receiving robust coaching and professional development and gaining valuable experience. Learn more about the Leading Men Fellowship here.

LMF Connections Scholars Program & Scholarship Eligibility

LMF participants must apply for the Mount’s Leading Men Fellowship Connections Scholars program and scholarship during their second semester of their LMF program, and after completion of the first semester of LMF. A Leading Men Fellowship - MSJ Connections Scholars Application must be submitted.

LMF participants may apply for admission to the Mount at any time by following the Mount’s undergraduate application process. LMF Participants’ admission to the Mount will be based on the Mount’s current applicable undergraduate admission standards.

LMF Participants who are successfully admitted into the Mount, successfully complete the LMF Application, and successfully complete the LMF program are eligible to receive a Mount Leading Men Fellowship Connections Scholars Scholarship (the “Mount LMF Connections Scholarship”).

Upon the LMF Participant’s completion of the LMF program, the LMF Participant must send completion documentation to the Mount’s Office of Admission at admission@msj.edu.  Providing this completion documentation is a prerequisite for any LMF Participant to receive the Mount LMF Scholarship.

  • The Mount LMF Scholarship may be combined with any qualifying Leading Men Fellowship Scholarship an LMF Participant may receive.
  • The Mount LMF Scholarship requires the LMF Participant to enroll at the Mount the academic semester after their completion of the LMF program and to remain, at all times, in good standing as a full-time student at the Mount.

Early Access Program Benefits

Eligible LMF, who successfully submit the Leading Men Fellows Connections Scholars Application, will receive the following immediate benefits from the Mount:

  • Dedicated advising with admission counselors;
  • A waived undergraduate application fee. Contact admission@msj.edu for the application waiver code;
  • Transfer credit evaluations that maximize the number of hours that can be applied to a bachelor’s degree program;
  • Priority registration the first full-time semester at the Mount;
  • A MSJ identification card that provides access to the Mount’s library, fitness facilities, and sporting events;
  • A MSJ parking pass;
  • A MSJ email account and access to the Mount’s 24-hour computer lab;
  • Personalized invitations to certain programs and events at the Mount; as well as,
  • A MSJ orientation program upon matriculation.

*If an admitted LMF Participant does not enroll at the Mount the academic term following completion of the Leading Men Fellowship Program or does not remain enrolled as a full-time student in good standing at the Mount, all Mount student benefits shall immediately cease.

Contact us for Further Program Details and Requirements

Amy Wolf
Assistant Director of Admission for Adult and Transfer Recruitment