Bachelor in Science of Nursing (BSN) Scholarship at MSJ

bsn nursing


The Bachelor in Science of Nursing (BSN) Scholarship is a financial path to assist directly admitted high school students in realizing their ambitions of making a difference in healthcare by becoming a registered nurse (RN). This prestigious scholarship, awarded annually, aims to nurture the next generation of nurses and support their academic achievement and professional growth, shaping a multi-faceted nursing student in the setting of a nursing workforce shortage.


The scholarship offers a $ 10,000 financial incentive to three deserving high school students beginning this fall semester. The amount is distributed over four academic years, starting from the student's first year at the university. The financial demands of nursing education are eased by the scholarship, reducing the burden of tuition costs and the need to secure student loans, ensuring broader accessibility to a quality Mount education.   


The scholarship program is made possible through the generous support from two nursing endowments: the Catherine Relihan and Stella Hastings endowments. These endowments exemplify a commitment to advancing nursing education and empowering aspiring nurses to excel academically. This scholarship not only eases the financial burden of education but also opens doors to a supportive community within the nursing department.


For more details about the Catherine Relihan and Stella Hastings endowments and scholarship eligibility, visit the Department of Nursing's and BSN Program's websites.