Adult transfer student Robin Carpenter emphasizes that life can be full of changes and adjustments, and it takes a commitment to yourself and your goals to realize your dream. For her, this dream is Psychology.

robin carpenter

What is your year and major? What is your anticipated graduation year?

My name is Robin Carpenter, and I am a Psychology major scheduled to graduate in December of 2023.

What inspired you to pursue a program at the Mount?

I was inspired to pursue the program at the Mount because I had heard so many wonderful things about programs. A work colleague had told me about the Mount and how she was able to obtain an education degree after being out of school for so long.  She raved about how everyone was so helpful and that the professors really cared about their students’ success.  She told me about the financial assistance that was available, and that it was more affordable than you realize.  I found it all to be true and more!  I wanted to attend a college that had Christian ethics and principles as their foundation.  A small community that was focused on the well-being of the students where relationships can be built.  I found this at the Mount. 

How did the Mount support you during your adult transfer journey, to make your program goals achievable?

They supported me in my adult transfer journey by making it easy for me to transition from a working professional to a full-time student.  Helping me to navigate some of the challenges of being a returning student. Learning the new technology and trying to figure out how to study again was one of my biggest challenges.  I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but the staff and students at Mount St. Joseph are amazing.  Everyone has been so helpful and supportive.  I have made so many great connections and friendships.

How do you manage your course load with a job/and or your personal life?

I am married, with two daughters in college, one daughter living at home and working part-time.  Balancing home life and school has not been easy at times.  Working with my advisor helped me balance my course load so that I could still fill my obligation and succeed in school.  Life can be full of changes and adjustments.  It takes a commitment to yourself and your goals to realize your dream.  

Are there any staff or professors you would like to credit who helped accommodate your transfer or Mount experience?

I would like to give credit to all the staff at the Mount for making my experience so awesome, but especially the instructors and professors in the Psychology Department.  Dr. Bodle, Dr. McDonough, Dr. Lawson, and Kory Phelps.  They have truly made my time here meaningful, insightful, and enjoyable.