Mount St. Joseph University launches the Lions 1st Scholars Community to support first-generation college students financially, academically, and emotionally.

Mount St. Joseph University first generation students holding poster.

At the Mount, being Inclusive by Design is in its DNA. First-generation college students are the first in their families to obtain a bachelor's degree upon graduation, and the Mount is excited to announce its most recent initiative.

Mount St. Joseph University announces the Lions 1st Scholars Community program, designed to provide a supportive and welcoming community for first-generation college students, and assist them with their transition from high school into college life at Mount St. Joseph University.

“Mount St. Joseph University is committed to cultivating a campus environment that is Inclusive by Design; this pursuit never stops,” says Rayshawn Eastman, Ph.D., Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer/Title IX Coordinator at the Mount. “Therefore, we are excited to announce the creation of the Lions 1st Scholars Community; this community is designed to provide financial, academic, and social-emotional support for first-generation college students.”

The Mount’s mission is rooted in service to others from our foundresses, the Sisters of Charity to the current day. According to Dr. Eastman, the Lions 1st Scholars Community provides the opportunity for the Mount to intentionally serve a population of students who are trailblazers. “As a campus community, we are committed to providing holistic support for students to achieve their graduation goals,” he says.

Join Our Community!

Visit the Lions 1st Scholars Community page here for participation requirements. In this program, you will find a breadth of community at the Mount. To learn more about the program, contact Dr. Rayshawn Eastman, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer/Title IX Coordinator at

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