Mount St. Joseph University Non-Discrimination Statement

Mount St. Joseph University (“the University”) is committed to providing an educational and employment environment free from discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other minority or protected status. This commitment extends to the University’s administration of its admission, financial aid, employment, and academic policies, as well as the University’s athletic programs and other university-administered programs, services, and activities.

Mount St. Joseph University Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy

The University’s Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy focuses on incidents of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation related to race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, or other legally protected statuses. This policy applies to all University community members, including students, prospective students, employees, professors, administrators, visitors, or other third-parties.   In addition, this policy also applies to all of the University’s education programs and activities, including but not necessarily limited to admissions policies, educational programs, scholarships, loans, and other financial aid, athletic and other University-administered programs, services, and activities, or in employment. Not only does this policy apply to conduct occurring within the typical classroom or campus settings, but also to any location owned or operated by the University as well as University-sponsored or University-sanctioned functions taking place outside of those typical settings.

The University expects that all members of its community will help promote a learning and work environment free from the conduct prohibited under this policy, which is described in detail in the policy and can be accessed at clicking here for Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Brochure. Any off-campus conduct that has an actual or potential adverse impact on another’s working or learning environment may also violate this policy. The University will consider the effects of off-campus conduct—including conduct that did not occur in the context of an education program or activity—when evaluating whether there is a violation of this policy. 

All inquiries regarding the scope or application of this policy should be referred to the Equal Opportunity Coordinator/Director of Human Resources, Teri Compton, (513) 244-4979, 

Reporting Possible Policy Violations

The University will respond promptly and effectively to allegations of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the basis of race, color, origin, religion, age, disability, sex (sexual orientation and gender identity) or another legally protected status. The University will promptly conduct investigations and take appropriate action, including disciplinary action, against individuals found to have violated this policy, as well as provide appropriate remedies to complainants and the campus community. The University will take immediate action to end a hostile environment if one has been created, prevent its recurrence, and remedy the effects of any hostile environment on affected members of the campus community.  All students found in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension or dismissal from the University. Similarly, any employee found in violation of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Behavior that violates this policy may also violate federal, state, and/or local laws.

Reports or complaints by any student, employee or third-party who has been the victim of, witnessed, or become aware of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the basis of race, color, origin, religion, age, disability, sex (sexual orientation and gender identity) or any other legally protected class may be made to the following offices:

  • Institutional complaints should be made to Teri Compton, Equal Opportunity Officer/Director of Human Resources, (513) 244-4979,
  • Anonymous reports of violations of this policy can be made by calling or texting (513) 244-TIPS or emailing These anonymous reporting options are available 24 hours a day/365 days a year.  Please note that these anonymous reporting options are not intended for any immediate safety or emergency situations. All immediate safety or emergency situations should be reported immediately to the MSJ Police Department at (513) 244-4226 or by dialing “0” from any campus phone.   

For complaints or reports arising from incidents of sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, and interpersonal violence, please contact the Director of Residence Life/Title IX Coordinator Rhayshaun Isreal at 513-244-4465, or visit the University’s Title IX webpage here for more information.

For complaints arising out of the University’s handling of any student’s request for or implementation of an accommodation pursuant to the Student Disability Accommodation Policy and compliance with its responsibilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, students are encouraged to consult with the University's Acting 504 Coordinator, Heather Crabbe, who can be reached at (513) 244-4631 or  Pursuant to the Student Disability Accommodation Grievance Procedures, formal grievances should be filed with the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Dr. Christa Currie, who can be reached at (513) 244-4614 or

Anti-Retaliation Policy

The University will not tolerate any form of retaliation taken against anyone who makes a complaint of conduct prohibited by this policy or anyone who cooperates in the investigation of allegations of conduct allegedly prohibited by this policy.


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