The SPTA gets physical therapy students involved to serve their class, community, and profession.


SPTA Officers 2023-2024

Left to right: Zach Pohlman, Arissa Freeman, Abbi Denham, Hadley Faris, Hunter Mills, Rebecca Skidmore 

Mission and Goals

In assimilating to and embracing our role as developing professionals, the SPTA will serve as an extension of the American Physical Therapy Association, Ohio Physical Therapy Association, and Southwest District of the Ohio Physical Therapy Association in advancing the profession and providing service to the community at local, state, national level. The goals of the MSJU SPTA are: 

  • To promote and present the topics of interest that contribute to our physical therapy education as requested by SPTA members.
  • To promote and organize participation of SPTA members to local, state Ohio Physical Therapy Association (OPTA)  and national American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) events.
  • To allow students to participate in a variety of positions that help contribute to one’s professional development.
  • To keep MSJ SPTA members abreast of legislative activities, and ways to become more involved in the legislative process at local, state, and national levels.
  • To be involved with the public pertaining to community service at Mount St. Joseph University and the Greater Cincinnati area.

SPTA Officers

Abbi Denham

SPTA Activities Coordinator

Hadley Faris

SPTA President

Arissa Freeman

SPTA Treasurer

Hunter Mills

SPTA Secretary

Zach Pohlman

SPTA Vice President

Rebecca Skidmore

SPTA Membership Coordinator

SPTA Events