DPT Alumni Board

The PT Alumni Board facilitates communication between the program (faculty, staff, and students) and the alumni base to assist with fundraising, community connection, and social engagement efforts.

DPT Alumni Board Members

Drew Burchett

PT, DPT, AT, ATC, CMTPT PT Alumni Board Member

Matt Ernst

PT, MPT, OCS, COMT PT Alumni Board Member

Alexis Fannin

PT, DPT PT Alumni Board Member

Courtney Kindler

PT, DPT, ATC, GCS PT Alumni Board Secretary

Nikki Logsdon

PT, MPT PT Alumni Board Member

Michele Menner

PT, MPT PT Alumni Board Member

Kelly Moore

PT, DPT PT Alumni Board Member

Vic Troha

PT, DPT, NTP, CPT PT Alumni Board Member

Kyle Vollmer

PT, DPT, CCCE PT Alumni Board Member

Kelley Volpenhein

PT, DPT, LMT PT Alumni Board Member

Nicole Zipperer

PT, DPT, LSVT BIG PT Alumni Board Member; Alumni Event Coordinator

MSJ Physical Therapy Alumni Leader Award

  Award Description and Eligibility

MSJ Physical Therapy Alumni Leader Award

The Alumni Physical Therapy Leader Award recognizes an alumnus who earned a physical therapy degree at Mount St. Joseph University and is a leader in physical therapy practice.

The DPT Awards and Scholarship Committee invites the community to participate in this program by nominating a physical therapy colleague for an award. Complete descriptions of the awards can be found in the related documents on the right. Submissions must be received by March 1st, and must include:

  • A completed nomination form
  • A nomination narrative typed or printed legibly
  • A current curriculum vita or resume for the nominee
  Alumni Award Winners


  • 2022: Dr. Lauren Tiemeier
  • 2021: Dr. Andrew Burchett, PT, DPT
  • 2019: Jeremey Heinrich, '06, PT, DPT
  • 2018: Kelly Moore '07, PT, MPT, CKTP
  • 2017: Jamie Bayliss, PT, MPT, DHSc
  • 2016: Andrew Beardslee, PT, DPT
  • 2015: Erin Hofmeyer, PT, DPT
  • 2012: Kelly Moore, PT, MPT
  • 2011: Chris Chirumbolo, PT, MPT, GCS  
  • 2010: Rob Dunham, PT, DPT

MSJ Physical Therapy Alumni Scholarship

  Scholarship Description and Eligibility

The Physical Therapy Program has always focused on developing the whole student — mind, body, and spirit. Our graduates practice ethically and soundly within their respective fields of practice. As part of the significance of our alumni milestones, the Physical Therapy Alumni Board was developed in late 2018 to better engage with our many alumni cohorts. Some of our PT Alumni Board endeavors include:

1.) Engagement—providing alumni with program and class updates.
2.) Celebratory—organizing gatherings with fellow program alumni.
3.) Scholarship—providing a legacy by giving back to support a future alumnus.


The Physical Therapy Alumni Scholarship is an endowed scholarship that was established in 2020 to recognize a student who is emerging as a future clinician. The criteria to be considered for this scholarship included a minimum GPA of 3.25, good academic and program status, a video submission answering 3 questions posed by the PT alumni board, and a character reference indicating how the candidate both now and in the future (as an alum) will demonstrate the APTA Core Values.

  Scholarship Winners

Jenna Swartzentruber, DPT Class of 2024, PT Alumni Scholarship Winner 2023