The DNP provides the terminal academic preparation for patient-focused advanced practice nursing. The post-master’s DNP is designed to prepare nurses for leadership positions where they can create transformative change to improve the health and health care outcomes of individuals, families, groups and populations. This program focuses on development of advanced competencies for complex practice along with evidence-based practice utilization to meet the demands impacting quality patient care delivery, patient outcomes, and system management.


To be admitted to the DNP program, applicants must submit/have the following:


1. A completed Graduate Admission Application (


2. A Master of Science in Nursing degree (post-licensure) from a regionally accredited college or university.
(a) Or, other applicants with a BSN and a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or
university in a related field
(b) Or, a pre-licensure MSN graduate with a post-master’s Advanced Practice Nursing certification


3. A minimum overall GPA of 3.0/4.0 for earned master’s degree


4. "C" or higher in an undergraduate or graduate level statistics course


5. Two years of clinical nursing experience to matriculate


6. Active US state RN license with no restrictions


7. TOEFL score as required by the University (if needed)


8. Names and contact information of two professional references


9. A one-to-two page typewritten essay with reasons for seeking the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree
including a statement of your professional goals


10. A professional resume


11. Interview with program director or designee


12. A signed departmental form acknowledging the requirement to submit official documentation of postbaccalaureate nursing degree practicum hours from institution(s) granting applicant’s MSN degree and/or post-master’s advanced practice certificate prior to obtaining any DNP program practicum hours (other applicants not eligible to submit this documentation).


Graduation Requirements


In order to graduate from the DNP program, the following criteria must be met:


• Have an earned cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher
• Completed the DNP Program within 5 years of starting the program
• Minimum of 75% of credits must be earned at Mount St. Joseph University
• Completion and presentation of DNP Project
• Completion of 1000 practicum hours which may include hours earned in post BSN degree and certification programs and the DNP program. A minimum of 400 practicum hours are required in the DNP
program at Mount St. Joseph University
• Completion of a graduation application which demonstrates completion of DNP courses.