The Mount’s PASS Program- Path to Achieving Student Success- will guide you through the many challenges of your first year in college.

First-year, full-time undergraduate students that are conditionally accepted at the Mount are required to participate in the PASS Program.  The PASS Program provides qualifying students with additional support to help them achieve success during the first academic year—two semesters—of their college experience. The Mount provides the PASS Program to qualifying students at no additional cost or fees—it is a support service that is part of an eligible student’s full-time undergraduate tuition and fees. 

The PASS Program Experience

Each PASS Program student works with an advisor in the Mount’s Academic Advising Resource Center (AARC).  Meetings between a PASS Program student and a AARC advisor typically occur biweekly.  Individualized interventions will be made available, if needed and appropriate. 

PASS Program students will receive help:

  • Managing course load.
  • Registering for appropriate course schedules.
  • Developing and achieving first year academic goals.
  • Creating a network of support that will be with them through their entire Mount experience.

Student success in the first year of undergraduate studies is the primary goal of the PASS Program. The ability of the PASS Program to help students achieve success is dependent upon each student developing a partnership with their advisors, participating in all required and recommended meetings, programs, and services, as well as engaging in the full college experience. 

PASS Program Acceptance

After receiving conditional acceptance to the Mount and the PASS Program, a student will be contacted by the student’s assigned PASS Program advisor.  At the first in-person meeting between the student and PASS Program advisor during the first semester, the student will be asked to complete and sign a Goals Contract for their first academic year.  The Goals Contract will be developed with the help of the student’s PASS Program advisor and provides clear expectations and obligations of the student to benefit from PASS Program participation.  Benefits of PASS Program participation result from the student attending all meetings with the PASS Program advisor and engaging in all other aspects of the program. 

PASS Program Separate from Support for Students with Disabilities

The PASS Program is separate from individualized academic support for students with disabilities provided under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  The Mount provides reasonable academic adjustments and auxiliary aids for students with physical or mental impairments that substantially limit or restrict one or more of such major life activities as walking, seeing, hearing, or learning. The University provides these reasonable academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to eligible students, free of charge, according to each student’s individual needs. Students with qualifying disabilities should contact the Learning Center & Disability Services at 513-244-4202 or at

PASS Program Separate from Project EXCEL

Additionally, the PASS Program is separate from and not a substitute for the Mount’s Project EXCEL program.  Project EXCEL is a structured support system focused on assisting students diagnosed with a learning difference that includes intensive academic support, executive function coaching, and help navigating new social situations.  Eligible students must apply and be accepted into Project EXCEL.  There is a fee per semester for Project EXCEL.  Due to the comprehensive content of Project EXCEL, if a conditionally accepted first-year student applies for and is accepted into Project EXCEL, the student will not participate in the PASS Program.  

More Information

For information about the PASS Program,  contact…

Mary Mazuk

Director, Academic Advising Resource Center



For information about admission to the Mount…

Office of Admission

513-244-4531 (1-800-654-9314)