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Mount Up Bridge Program

Mount St. Joseph University

By participating in the Mount Up Bridge Program, you will develop a foundation for academic, social, educational, and personal success as you transition into college.

The mission of the Mount Up Bridge Program is to ease the transition to college and support post-secondary success by providing students with the academic skills and social resources needed to succeed in a college environment. The program is designed to heighten sense of belonging, enhance academic success, engage with faculty and staff, enrich overall wellness, and create connections to the college community that go beyond the classroom.

By participating in the Mount Up Bridge Program, students will develop a foundation for academic, social, educational, and personal success. Students who are staying on campus will have the opportunity to move in early and stay on campus for the program.

Outcomes of Mount Up Bridge Program

This program equips students to:

  • Establish dynamic connections to peers and the overall campus community.
  • Engage with diverse ideas and experiences.
  • Gain knowledge and skills that will help them on their intellectual development inside and outside the classroom.
  • Participate in activities and learn strategies to nurture overall wellbeing.
  • Use resources that can help them to be academically, personally and socially successful.

Duration of Mount Up Bridge Program

The Mount Up Bridge Program is a three-day event:

Day 1: Sunday August 14th

  • Check-ins
  • Keynote Speaker

Day 2: Monday August 15th

The BLUEPRINT for First- and Second-Year College Success

  • Understand the difference between Change and Transition when establishing habits for success
  • Enhance self-efficacy by creating semester driven reachable goals
  • Develop a resource pool of support that is accessible when faced with challenges
  • Establish an accountability system from clear expectation examination
  • Academic advising seminar
  • Financial Aid Seminar

Day 3: Tuesday August 16th

A Seat at the Table:
Establishing a Legacy as a First Generation and Marginalized College Student

  • Assist student in researching resources on and off campus
  • Create a new sense of belonging as a FGCS
  • Develop networking skills to assist in success
  • Exposure to university resources (library, Learning Center, DEI Office, Dean/Assistant Dean Office, Lion’s Den, Mosaic Center, Computer Labs, Affinity Groups, Harrington center, Sports Complex, Centennial Fieldhouse, and student health centers)