msj students helping tutor each other in learning center.

Connect Mentorship Program

Mount St. Joseph University

Engage with your peers to create a sense of belonging, academic success, and community connections beyond the classroom.

The MSJ Connect Mentorship Program strives to match students with experienced peer mentors who will help guide students throughout their MSJ experience to graduation and successful transition to life after college, whether it be graduate school, workforce, or the military. Mentees can learn a wide variety of skills from their peer mentor through connection with campus and community resources, improving academic skills, social skills, and providing professional guidance.

Our Mission

Students can heighten sense of belonging, enhance academic success, engage with peers, and create connections to the college community that go beyond the classroom.

What is a Mentor?

A person who provides academic, social, professional, and personal support.

Why become a mentor?

  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Build your professional resume
  • Enhance the quality of life for someone else
  • Earn a certificate of completion from our leadership training.

What is a Mentee?

A person who benefits from the insight, guidance and support of a mentor.

Why become a mentee?

  • Establish an accountability partner
  • Receive peer support
  • Get peer insight for academic success
  • Share your ideas and goals
  • Learn from someone who has “been there before”
  • Develop social skills (motivation and positive attitude).

Eligibility & Outcomes of the Connect Mentorship Program

  Relationship-Building and Academic Success
In the Connect Mentorship Program, you will find:
  • Free peer mentoring and professional mentoring.
  • An understanding of the resources available to MSJ students.
  • The ability to demonstrate positive academic progress and skills.
  • An understanding of joining organizations.
  • Development of professional skills.
  • Options to become a mentor after two years in the program.
  • Relationship-building on campus.
  • Various social events to attend (motivational speakers, culture workshops, community outings).
  Who Can Participate?
  • All Enrolled MSJ students can participate in the Connect Mentorship Program.
  Transform from a Mentee to a Mentor
  • Students will be paired with an experienced mentor and a peer mentor who will help guide them through their education pathway throughout their experience at the Mount up until their sophomore year.
  • Students can become a mentor after their sophomore year.