To Report a Crime


Crimes in progress

Call 911, and give your name, office location and nature of the incident. Advise the Communications Center Operator that the crime is "in progress." STAY ON THE LINE, and give a description of:

  • The suspect(s), including a weapon, if used
  • Property taken
  • Automobile/license plate
  • Direction of travel

Crimes which have already occurred

Report all crimes. Call ext. 4226 or 0. Do not touch anything that may relate to the crime. Provide a description of the property and names and description of the suspect(s).


To Report a Fire

Avoid personal injury and excessive risks. Alert persons in your immediate area. Activate the fire alarm and evacuate. Call 911 or 0, and give the communications Center Operator your name and the location of the fire. Do not re-enter the building until advised to do so by the fire department or Public Safety Personnel.


To Report a Medical Emergency

Call 911. Give your name, location, and telephone number. Give the location of the injured person. If known, give the name of the injured person, and describe:

  • The injury or the problem
  • The present condition of the injured person
  • The sequence of events leading to the emergency
  • The medical history of the injured person

To Report a Non-Emergency

Contact the Department of Public Safety at ext. 4226. Give the Officer your name and location. Give the Officer a description of the Non-Emergency problem. The Officer will dispatch the appropriate personnel.