Art Education Association

Art Education Association provides an outlet for art majors to come together and share information about professional development, resources, and field experiences. Members are encouraged to attend several networking conferences throughout the year. The organization meets 1-2 times per semester. Meetings are open to all Mount students, faculty and staff.


Athletic Training Club

Athletic Training Club promotes student interest in the field of athletic training, provides opportunities to attend professional meetings and conferences, and takes part in community service.


Criminology Club

Criminology Club provides an opportunity for students to participate in extracurricular activities related to the field of criminology.  Criminology Club provides a forum for its members to learn about career opportunities, participate in field trips, attend presentations by guest speakers and engage in fellowship.


Drama Club

Drama Club promotes higher-level awareness, knowledge and understanding of all creative and performing arts, with an emphasis on the dramatic arts. Comprised of students, faculty, and staff, Drama Club produces campus nonmusical theatrical productions.



Enactus provides students the opportunity to learn, practice and teach the principles of entrepreneurship. Enactus emphasizes experiential learning which catalyzes the personal growth and professional development of real-world projects that improve the community.


Math and Computing Club

Math and Computing Club fosters relationships among mathematics and computer science majors outside the classroom. The organization encourages all students to join and learn more about math and computing skills in a comfortable setting.


Physician Assistant Student Society

Physician Assistant Student Society is a graduate student organization that creates unity among physical assistant students and networking and professional development opportunities.


Social Work Club

Social Work Club provides a closer bond and connection among Mount students, promotes humanitarian goals and ideals on campus and in the community, and develops the talents of students in service to and for the greater good of the campus and surrounding community.


Student Association for Sport Management

Student Association for Sport Management builds a community of individuals who come together to promote internships, volunteering, service to the community, networking, and working together to achieve common goals in the field of sport management.


Student Nurses Association

Student Nurses Association represents beginning nursing professionals. SNA promotes nurse and campus-wide education through topical programs. SNA participates in local, state, and national events, and volunteer time and knowledge at campus and community organizations.


Student Photographic Society

Student Photographic Society provides a social and professional network for photography students. The organization brings in guest speakers, and members attend local, regional, and national programs to complement classroom learning.


Student Physical Therapy Association

Student Physical Therapy Association is a graduate student organization that creates unity among physical therapy students and networking and professional development opportunities.


Students in Business

Students in Business encourages students to learn about the business world and business news, investing, budgeting and personal finance, as well as to promote positive business ethics. The organization will also give students the opportunity to gain the skills and experience in networking within the business world.