Academic Student Clubs and Organizations


Art Education Association

Art majors come together to share information about program and certification policies, professional development, resources, and materials as well as field experiences. We encourage members to attend several networking conferences throughout the year. This is a chance for students to share their common interest in art. We meet 1-2 times a semester, and meetings are open to all Mount students, faculty and staff.

Athletic Training Club

This club is for athletic training students, but we welcome other Health Sciences Department students. Members go out into the Mount and surrounding communities to teach people about Athletic Training. We bring in speakers to present on various topics like magnetic therapy, head trauma/concussions, eye trauma, orthopedic related issues, orthotics and more. Club members work at fundraisers, including at Red’s games, to help cover registration costs on National, District or Local Symposiums and Conferences.

English Club

English Club is a new club on campus that socializes and programs for those who love to read, write, and hang out with others also interested in these same activities. English clubs goes to coffee houses, book stores and poetry reading. Join us now!

Math Club

We foster relationships between Mathematics majors outside the classroom. The club encourages all students to join and learn more about our skills in a comfortable setting. Club activities include hiking, sporting events, and class-related field trips.

Mount Education Association

We facilitate productive professional communication between students and faculty. The association provides opportunities for education students to learn about the teaching profession by being involved in decision-making and service to the College's Education Department. We provide educational services to the community, including tutoring, donating time and supplies and recognizing various schools. Our Board meets weekly, and is open to students seeking teaching certification.

Music Matters

Music Matters offers students professional orientation and development opportunities. We promote a basic understanding of the role music plays in human life, the philosophy and function of music education, and members' professional interests. The association also promotes understanding the music industry’s role in supporting music education.

Psychology Club

We bring together psychology majors for off- and on-campus activities. Members can learn more about employment opportunities and prepare for careers in psychology and other behavioral sciences. We create a forum for broadening members' knowledge through speakers, tours and by attending lectures and at national and regional conferences.

Student Association of Sports Management

SASM is here to build a community of individuals who come together to promote internships, volunteering, service to the community, networking, and working together to achieve common goals in the field of sports management.

Student Photographic Society

We provide a social and professional network for photography students. The Society brings in guest speakers, and members attend local, regional, and national programs to complement classroom learning.

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

SIFE is a nationally recognized program that helps students gain experience in free enterprise. A partnership between the University and businesses, SIFE is a student business within the campus community. We work with other clubs to develop programs and leadership opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and the local community. SIFE members learn the secrets of free enterprise through planning programs and providing service. Membership is open to anyone.

Student Nurses Association

This organization represents beginning nursing professionals. We promote nurse and campus-wide education through topical programs. We also participate in local, state, and national events, and volunteer our time and knowledge at campus and community organizations.

Student Physical Therapy Association (SPTA)

We represent beginning professionals in physical therapy and promote their education. The SPTA gives members the opportunity to participate in extracurricular professional development activities.

The Chem Collective

The Chem (Chemistry) Collective exists to promote academic, professional, and social activities related to the field of chemistry.