What is the 3+2 Program?

The 3+2 program combines the undergraduate degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) with the Master of Speech-Language Pathology (MSLP). Students spend the first 3 years completing the requirements of the undergraduate degree (including the Core curriculum and 107 credit hours). Eligible students begin the MSLP program during the Fall Semester of the 4th year and complete 2 academic years (5 semesters) in the MSLP program. Thirteen hours from the MSLP program transfer back to the undergraduate program to meet the 120-hour requirement for the bachelor’s degree.

SLP 3+2 at the Mount

  Why Choose the 3+2 Program

For those students who meet the eligibility requirements, the 3+2 program provides a clear pathway to graduate studies and reduces both the time (semesters) and cost to completion of the master’s degree. MSJ undergraduate students who meet the requirements will be automatically accepted to the MSLP program.

Eligible students apply to the MSLP program in their junior year and begin the MSLP program during the fall semester of their senior year. The bachelor’s degree is typically granted after the first summer of the graduate program. Students are eligible to participate in the Spring Commencement ceremony (if all other requirements are met outside of credit hours).

  Requirements for the 3+2 Program

Eligibility for the 3+2 program includes:

  • Hold a 3.3 cumulative GPA at the end of their junior year
  • Earn a B (3.0) or higher in all SLH courses
  • Earn a C (2.0) or higher in required/related major courses
  • Completed a minimum of 107 credit hours prior to beginning graduate-level coursework
  • Have no instances of academic misconduct or academic probation
  • Meet the technical standards of the profession
  • Complete the CSDCAS application for the MSLP program
  How Do I Apply for the 3+2 Program?

There is no formal application process specific to the 3+2 program. Students who meet the above criteria are automatically accepted into the MSLP program. Academic advisors for undergraduate SLHS students will review eligibility and provide guidance regarding the 3+2 program during advising sessions, including when to apply for the MSLP program.

  What If I Do Not Want to Participate in the 3+2 Program?

Undergraduate students are under no obligation to participate in the 3+2 program. Those students who wish to complete a traditional 4-year degree and apply to graduate school (either at MSJ or another institution) will complete the traditional program to earn their bachelor’s degree.

  What If I Don’t Meet the 3+2 Program Criteria?

Students who do not meet the criteria for the 3+2 program will complete the traditional 4-year program and are invited to apply for general admission to the MSLP at MSJ and/or outside institutions. The general admission process at MSJ (and outside institutions) is considered a competitive admission process.

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The 3+2 program combines the Bachelor of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and the Master of Speech-Language Pathology (MSLP) programs for qualified students. In addition to saving time and tuition, students in the 3+2 option enter the undergraduate program with a clear path to grduate school.





Erin Sizemore

Ph. D., CCC-SLP Chairperson and Associate Professor

Emily Buckley

MS, CCC-SLP Director of Clinical Education

Sisan Cuervo

Ph. D., CCC-SLP Assistant Professor

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