MSJ transfer student Denzell Brown involves himself in numerous student activities, and provides advice for work/life balance.

denzell brown in basketball uniform

What is your year and major? What is your anticipated graduation year?

Currently I am a junior at the Mount. I am a Sports Management major. My anticipated graduation year is 2025.

Why did you choose the Mount?

I chose the Mount from the warming feeling of being home because of how close the community there is. 

How did the Mount help accommodate your transfer needs?

For the most part, from what I recalled, the whole process was so easy, quick and simple. I applied at the Mount and within that same week, I was enrolled at the University! 

Are you involved in any student organizations or extracurriculars? If so, how have these supported your academic success?

I am the SAAC president, I am a current member of the BSU, I am an OL (orientation leader), I am a current cheerleader and volleyball player, and I have two jobs. For the most part, for me I saw it as, no grades, no fun. So that means, if you cannot achieve what is in the classroom, there should be no way you should have fun. 

How do you manage your course load along with other obligations?

I mange my time based on my school load then sports practices. Once I have a schedule then I base my work schedule upon that. It was not to hard to balance out everything because my mom was always a busy person, so she kind of taught me to never sit down.

Are there any staff or professors you would like to credit who helped accommodate your transfer experience?

When I first got to the Mount, I really did not open up to many people so I did not really talk to any staff or faculty. So when I actually did, Mary Mazuk, Amy Burger, Jadah Jackson, Sam Fowler and many others made it possible for me to be vulnerable to them about my personal life. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to transfer to the Mount?

My advice would be to those who are transferring to the Mount is to ask questions. Ask for the different opportunities on the campus. Ask for the different scholarship that the school may have to offer, and do not be afraid to ask for help.