Mount St. Joseph University proudly announces members from the Department of Nursing as our October Pride of the Lions!

pride of the lions graphic

Dear Mount Community,

The Mount St. Joseph University "Pride of the Lions" for October 2023 is a quartet from the Nursing Program. Kerri Getz, Kristin Clephane, Melanie Quilla-Deza, and Darla Vale. Together, they secured two grants from the Ohio Board of Nursing's "Nurse Education Grant Program!"

Kerri and Darla orchestrated the receipt of nearly $20,000 to develop recruitment initiatives and retention strategies that will promote student success; the funding will also support the development of a three-year BSN program. Kristin, Melanie, and Darla wrote the grant request that resulted in another nearly $200,000 for the School of Health Sciences to increase enrollment through the creation of a nurse educator certificate and a pathway to the University DNP program.

Both of these grant programs will be funded for two years, starting this November. They represent the Mount's commitment to student success and to preparing nurses who will enter the workforce ready to make a difference in serving their communities. 

Please join me in congratulating Kerri, Melanie, Kristin, and Darla on their huge successes in securing these funds!



H. James Williams, Ph.D.