MSOL Graduate Andy Swallow has achieved his dream of becoming President and CEO at Bethesda Foundation, and he credits the Mount's flexible MSOL program for helping him get there.

photo of andy swallow standing in hospital

Andy Swallow has spent the majority of his career in the non-profit world, which he believes to be an environment where mission not only thrives, but drives successful outcomes. He considers his work to be both meaningful and powerful.

As president and CEO at Bethesda Foundation, Andy is responsible for strategic planning and leadership in securing financial support for the philanthropic entities of TriHealth, including all Bethesda Hospitals, Hospice of Cincinnati, and Fernside Center for Grieving Children. His work also encompasses the awarding of grants for community outreach programs. Andy’s efforts reach far and wide to improve the lives of patients through such efforts as medical research, new technologies, clinical innovations, patient support programs, and new care model programs.

Andy also believes his work in philanthropy requires leveraging relationships, investing in your team, and envisioning the long-term benefits of your work.

In some ways, these same strategies played a significant role in Andy deciding to pursue his master’s degree. While at Bethesda, he learned of a partnership between TriHealth and the Mount that offered an MSOL cohort at TriHealth for executives and clinical leaders. He enrolled, not knowing his network of fellow students would be broader than he expected.

During three of his semesters in the MSOL program, family and career commitments resulted in some unconventional mixing and matching of four courses, which Andy took on campus, on Saturdays with MSOL and MBA cohorts. The uniqueness of his situation resulted in a rewarding educational journey.

“It was such a rewarding experience. I was learning with some incredible leaders at TriHealth, but I was also in classes with other professionals from a variety of industries while I was taking some of my courses on campus. I’m also grateful for the program directors going above and beyond to offer me the flexibility I needed to complete the program. It was a true testament to how much the Mount values its students and supports their needs.”

Another success from Andy’s master’s degree work was his MSOL Project, which involved a research study and regression analysis of giving patterns from grateful patients at non-profit, community-based hospitals from Northern Kentucky to Dayton. The extensive work, which yielded collaboration and data sharing from 13 area hospitals, resulted in recommended strategies and a model for fundraising in community-based hospitals. For Andy, the pride comes in being able to contribute to both the industry he works in, and to his community.

“The research work was another rewarding part of the MSOL program. Besides the benefits of the finished work, it was incredible to receive personalized support and direction from the professors. They helped me shape my ideas and encouraged me to see it through.”

Besides impacting his continued professional growth and success, Andy also attributes his master’s degree to fulfilling a personal dream. As a first-generation college student, Andy wanted to demonstrate to his children, who at the time, were in college or on the cusp of college, the importance of education, not only as a personal goal, but as an embedded and shared family value, one that he hopes will continue for generations.

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