The Clery Act requires all institutions to collect crime reports from a variety of individuals and organizations that Clery considers to be “campus security authorities.” Under Clery, a crime is “reported” when it is brought to the attention of a campus security authority or law enforcement personnel by a victim, witness, other third party or even the offender. If a campus security authority (CSA) receives the crime information and believe it was provided in good faith, he or she will document it as a crime report and forward to the MSJ Police Department. 

Campus Security Authorities

Reports of any type of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal violence or retaliation can also be made to any of the University’s designated Campus Security Authorities (CSAs). The University’s designated CSAs includes:


  • MSJ Police Department, 513-244-4226 or dial 0 from any campus phone; additional information regarding reporting emergencies can be found on the MSJ Police Website.
  • Title IX Coordinator and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Dr. Rayshawn Eastman, Seton Center, 513-244-4467

  • Wellness Center-Counseling and Health Services, Wellness Suite, Harrington Center, 513-244-4949

  • Vice President Compliance, Risk, Legal Affairs/General Counsel, Paige Ellerman, Administration Building, 513-244-4393
  • Dean of Students, Janet Cox, Office of Student Affairs, 513-244-4466

  • Director of Human Resources, Lisa Kobman, Office of Human Resources, 513-244-4979

  • Director of Residence Life, Rhayshaun Isreal, 1st Floor Seton Center, 513-244-4465

  • Resident Assistants – Reports from RAs will be forwarded to the MSJ Police Department through the Office of Residence Life

  • Director of Mission Integration, Sister Karen Elliott, C.PP.S., D.Min., Office of Mission & Ministry, 513-244-4844

  • Assistant Director of Mission Integration, Michelle Arnold, Office of Mission & Ministry, 513-244-4866

  • Associate Director of Human Resources, Kayla Erhart, Office of Human Resources, 513-244-4854

  • Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Leadership, Sophie Stewart, Harrington Center, 513-244-4627

  • Athletic Director, Melanee Wagener, Sports Complex, 513-244-8585

  • Associate Athletic Director, Joe Sparhawk, Sports Complex, 513-244-4876

  • Athletic Coaches for all University collegiate sports, Sports Complex, 513-244-8585