International transfer credits may be accepted but are subject to evaluation based on standardized guidelines from AACRAO, WES, NAFSA or other approved organizations.


Official Transcript Evaluation

Once admitted to the University, we will conduct an official transcript evaluation. During this process we determine how previous college credit will transfer.

For an in-depth explanation of a transcript evaluation, students should contact the program department to meet with an academic advisor.


Unofficial Transcript Evaluation

Students can request an unofficial transcript evaluation before applying. Simply contact one of the admission counselors listed below and submit your transcript.  We will tentatively evaluate your credits for transfer.


Keep in Mind

  • Coursework from regionally accredited institutions is transferrable
  • College-level coursework completed with a grade of "C" or higher is transferrable
  • Developmental coursework may be transferrable
  • AP and Post-Secondary credits are transferrable
  • Quarter credits will be converted to semester credits
  • Undergraduate degree-seeking students must meet the residency requirement before a Mount degree can be conferred


Contact Information

Please contact an admission counselor if you are interested in finding out how your credits will transfer to the Mount.