Career Technical Assurance Guide (C-TAG)

Career Technical Assurance Guide (C-TAG) credit from Ohio technical high schools will be considered for transfer after review. Please follow the steps below to begin the review process:


Step 1: Complete your Mount St. Joseph University application at and submit all necessary application documents.  Visit your status page for questions concerning the status of your application. Visit the Admission page or contact the Office of Admission at with any questions concerning the application process.


Step 2: Request that the Career Technical Credit Transfer (CT²) Verification form be sent to Mount St. Joseph University. The Verification Form is sent from the career-institution (high school, career center, vocational schools, Ohio Technical Center) that offered the career-technical program. You are only responsible for filling out and signing Part I of the Verification Form.


Step 3: Your Career-technical institution verifies that you have completed the program. Your Career-technical institution fills out Part II, and Part III of Verification Form and mails the completed Verification Form (Parts I, II, and III) to Mount St. Joseph University.

Mount St. Joseph University

5701 Delhi Road

Cincinnati, OH 45233


ATTN: Office of Admission

Step 4: Upon acceptance to the Mount, the review of your credit will begin. The time it takes to place CT² credit on a student’s Mount St. Joseph University transcript varies from case to case.


To learn more about C-TAG, please visit Ohio Higher Ed – Department of Education’s website.


For questions throughout the application process, please contact the Office of Admission at, 513-244-4531, or click HERE to meet your admission counselor today!