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How do I request a bookstore advance?

Bookstore advances are available to students who show a projected credit after all term charges are covered. Access your Course and Fee Statement under the Finances section within myMount and click on the request button. Make sure you are viewing the statement for the correct semester in order to see the request button. You will receive an email notification regarding the status of your request within one business day. Plan early. Remember it can take up to one business day to process your request. Once approved, your advance should be available in your eCampus Bookstore account within a few hours.


How do I know how much to request?

Bookstore advances are only valid in the eCampus Bookstore. You can research book prices on the eCampus Online Bookstore website. After making your purchase, if you find that you need additional bookstore credit, you’ll have the option to make a second advance request the following day. Bookstore advances are automatically saved to your eCampus account.


What if I don’t use the full amount of my bookstore advance?

Unused advances will expire based on the follow scheduling:

  • Fall semester (S1): November 1
  • Spring semester (S2): April 1
  • Summer semester (S4): July 15

After the advance expires for the semester, it will be refunded to your Mount student account within two weeks. It’s important to budget your book charges as accurately as possible to avoid having excess funds sitting in your eCampus account for a good portion of the semester. There are no early refunds on unused bookstore advances.


I still have questions about bookstore advances. Who can I contact?

Please contact the Student Administrative Services Office at (513) 244-4418 or financial.aid@msj.edu if you have questions about bookstore advances.