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Outcomes about "biology"

  • The Athlete: Love at First Spike

    Health Sciences, Biology, Current Students

    File Under: athletics, biology, volleyball

    While the Olympian athletes in Rio are competing against one another for a gold medal and recognition, Jadah Jackson has found that being a student athlete in college has results that are worth more than any medal.Read More

  • Mary Broering, ’18: Pediatric Research Co-op Ignites Passion for Health Care Career

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Biology, Physical Therapy

    File Under: biology, cincinnati children’s hospital medical center, co-op, doctor of physical therapy, graduate school, research

    Mary Broering, a DPT graduate student, has participated in research at Children's Hospital and plans to become a Pediatric PT.Read More

  • He’s the Bee’s Knees

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Biology, Faculty

    File Under: biology

    Internationally-known entomologist, Dr. Gene Kritsky is one of the leading researchers of many insects, including cicadas.Read More

  • She Sees Dead People

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Biology, Faculty

    File Under: anatomy, biology, forensic science, physiology

    She doesn’t have supernatural powers, but Mount biology professor Beth Murray, Ph.D., has other strengths that some might consider super powers.Read More

  • Some of Us Are for the Birds

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Faculty, Alumni

    File Under: biology, ornithology, outcomes, pathophysiology, physiology, psychopharmacology

    Jill Russell, Ph.D., ’96, is one of those rare species of professors who flocks north to Alaska every summer.Read More

  • Recent Alum Amazes in Animal Adventures while Crediting her Mount Biology Degree

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Biology

    File Under: biology, clearwater marine aquarium, outcomes

    Currently in graduate school for Zoology at Miami University in their Global Field Program, Jen Taylor, 2013 Mount alum, has received an abundance of field experience and opportunities since the completion of her undergraduate studies from the College of Mount St. Joseph.Read More