On May 16th, Mount St Joseph University witnessed a remarkable display of community engagement as over 60 employees came together for our annual Service Day.

employees in a big group smiling

This event, deeply ingrained in the character of the institution, epitomizes the Mount's commitment to service learning and giving back to communities.

“Our Service Day is not just a routine event, but a testament to the Mount’s enduring dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of those around us,” shares Associate Director of HR Operations, Ashley Barnett. “The camaraderie among employees and the community partners served as a powerful reminder of the strength found in unity, forging deeper connections with one another, and strengthening the fabric of the Mount St Joseph University community,” Barnett adds.

Further, the collaboration between the Mount and local non-profits emphasizes its interdependent relationship between education and community service--Service Day is a testament of Mount St. Joseph University’s identity and unwavering dedication to the institution’s core values.

This event further distinguishes the Mount as a Beacon to the Region, not just as an academic institution, but as a symbol of hope and goodwill in the community. At the Mount, the spirit of service burns bright, illuminating the path toward a brighter, more compassionate future.

On behalf of Mount St. Joseph University, thank you to all who participated in 2024 Service Day!