Dr. Pam Kastner, an adjunct professor for the School of Education at Mount St. Joseph University, has been recognized as the adjunct faculty member of the year for the 2022-2023 academic school year.

pam with joe lion


The School of Education at MSJ is privileged to have Dr. Pam Kastner as an adjunct professor for the graduate and doctoral levels. She is nationally recognized as an expert in the science of reading and has made a great addition to the Mount’s School of Education. With Pam’s expert knowledge, effective teaching methods, and well-rounded character, it is no surprise that she was nominated as the Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year!


Read below to see a glimpse of the glowing nominations Pam received from her students and fellow faculty members:


“I'd like to let the committee know that the aspect of Dr. Kastner’s instructional approach that I most appreciated in class with her this winter is the manner in which she offers feedback. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable in her field, Dr. Kastner is always positive, gracious, and genuine in providing thoughtful and specific comments on discussion boards and projects. She makes her students feel valued and heard!” (Janie Bergschneider, Reading Science Student)


“The interpersonal skills required of a strong professor are encompassed in Dr. Kastner. In the almost ten years that I have worked with her, I have come to know her as a dedicated and passionate mentor who empowers others to take on challenges and become leaders themselves. She is a humble advisor who passes on, not only her extensive knowledge of literacy and education but also her passion for advocacy and commitment to serving others.” (Tambra Isenberg, Reading Science Doctoral Student)


“Pam Kastner is a powerhouse in the world of the Science of Reading (SOR). Her willingness to share her time and expertise with the next generation of reading scientists has been a gift to all of us and will positively influence our ability to impact students.” (Maria Aielli, MSJ School of Education Instructor)


“Dr. Kastner is the definition of the standard of excellence for educators, even beyond the Mount Saint Joseph family. Her reputation precedes her for being a knowledgeable and dedicated learner, mentor, and leader in the area of literacy. She is easily labeled as one of the best, yet remains humble and continues to expand her knowledge. Simply hearing that Dr. Kastner was a professor for the Reading Science program at the Mount is what initially made me apply, because I knew I would be learning from highly qualified professors. During my time with Dr. Kastner, she exceeded my expectations as a professor. She was not only relatable, approachable, and professional, but she also went above and beyond to get to know each of us personally and academically.” (Zoey Tibbott, Reading Science Student)


“Dr. Kastner is a phenomenal instructor. The teaching of writing can often be neglected in broader conversations surrounding reading science; it was such a wonderful opportunity to explore writing instruction and assessment with Dr. Kastner. Her course was thoughtfully and effectively designed. the content was grounded in research, with applications to educational practice evident throughout. Dr. Kastner was very supportive throughout the course, consistently demonstrating her responsiveness to the needs of learners. She was friendly, always approachable, and made a clear effort to build relationships with students.” (Una Malcolm, Reading Science Ed. D. Student)


“I really valued her feedback on my assignments and noticed she consistently included words of kindness and encouragement. These touch points were important, and very much appreciated, because the class is online. In her feedback, she made a point to reference specific aspects of my assignments, and not in only one or two sentences. She would practically write paragraphs, always with a positive, encouraging feel. I was already a huge fan of Dr. Kastner's before the class, as I have listened to her on podcasts and I follow her work online. From a student's perspective, her clout within the science of reading community adds a certain something special to her instruction.” (Kristin Paxton, Reading Science Student)


Congratulations to Pam Kastner on the incredible honor of being recognized as the Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year!