As we keep Damar Hamlin in our prayers, according to MSJ graduate Benjamin Just, PT, MPT Instructor of Clinical Education in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at UC, the road to recovery for cardiac arrest is contingent upon how it occurred in the first place.

Mount St. Joseph quad

After NFL football star Damar Hamlin’s slow recovery after his cardiac arrest on the field, he was released from the hospital one week after suffering the injury. He proceeds from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center to his second stage of recovery in a New York hospital.

UC Physical Therapist and MSJ graduate Ben Just spent a good portion of his career in the ICU, and describes the road for Hamlin's recovery.

Ultimately, Just says moving is key.

“The best exercise at this point is any aerobic exercise where you have plenty of oxygen and you’re moving, so we would start with walking and progress to walking further and faster, and then as soon as his heart was able, we would start running.”

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