Get to know our Newest Nursing Faculty Member, Dr. Lindsey Stewart

lindsey stewart headshot

Dog or cat or other? We have both! A toy poodle dog and ragdoll cat.

Favorite place to vacation: Camping or any nature destination.

If I have an hour to myself I love to…? Chat with my husband, family or friends.

Latest show binge-watched: The Good Place

Summary of your previous Nursing career. I obtained my nursing license in 2010 and worked in Med/Surg before transitioning into Critical Care.  I enjoyed travel nursing for a few years before entering my graduate program at Case Western Reserve University for Nursing Education.  I have been in academia for about 5 years now, but still enjoy staying at the bedside with agency work.

Why nursing? I started in bench research after my first Bachelor’s degree and did not enjoy being alone in a lab for 40 hours a week.  My friend was a nurse and encouraged me into nursing since it has two things I enjoy: science and helping people.

Any hidden talents? I am pretty handy with small household fixes.

What are you afraid of? Heights!

Are you a better dancer, or singer? Hopefully dancer! I took many years of dance (ballet and contemporary) in my younger years.

Do you play any instruments? I play the piano (beginner level, terrible at reading sheet music).

Funniest moment while teaching… I was trying to say “monitor for blood in stool” but accidentally said “monitor for stool in blood” bleh :P

How would your undergrad NUR teachers describe you? Always doing the extra points “just in case”.

Anything you’d like to share? I have felt very welcomed and like I am in the “right place” here at MSJ for what my life and career goals are.