Mount St. Joseph University education students provide math tutoring in partnership with C.O. Harrison Elementary School.

Mount St. Joseph University dual licensure student working on classroom activities with harrison students.

Eight years ago, C.O. Harrison Elementary School Principal, Brian Conners approached Mount St. Joseph University about creating a partnership together to have MSJ students come to C.O. Harrison to help with literacy tutoring. Now, this initiative has recently blossomed into a math tutoring partnership.

“It has always been my focus to try to partner up with the universities because when I went through school at Northern Kentucky University, we did something similar with Covington Holmes High School," Conners tells Cincy Magazine. "And I got the most out of that experience,” he says. “[However], I’ve never had the opportunity to have such a close university right in the backyard that could do that.”

Thus, the math class is the first practicum for the Mount's dual license students, who are working on degrees or licensure for teaching in both elementary and special education. Nearly 100 sophomore MSJ education students come to C.O. Harrison twice a week. 

According to the article, while the program has been a success, Conners sees additional ways for Oak Hills Local School District and the Mount to partner together. The MSJ football has even attended C.O. Harrison twice a year so far to read books with the second grade children.

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