The MSJ Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery presents the "Alan deCourcy: Grains of Sand Exhibition" February 27 - April 1, 2022.

alan decourcy exhibit at Studio San Giuseppe

(Cincinnati, OH) – The Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery at Mount St. Joseph University is honored to announce the opening of the exhibition “Alan deCourcy: Grains of Sand” February 27 – April 1, 2022. This exhibition encompasses four bodies of photographic works: Shades of Blue, Light & Shadow, The Art of Texture, and Emerging. In addition to photographs, deCourcy takes a holistic interdisciplinary approach to the installation, including printed quotations as well as curated music for the Shades of Blue collection.

Alan deCourcy writes, “While working at Mount St. Joseph University, first in the Department of Religious and Pastoral Studies, and later as the Vice President for Academic Affairs, I had the opportunity to provide leadership in the revision of the Liberal Arts and Science requirements and to teach a variety of courses as part of those requirements. I was able to deepen and express my long-standing commitment to the value of a liberal arts education and to the importance of interdisciplinary learning: that is, the process of paying attention, of coming to understand how we look at the world, seeking to make meaning of what we find there, and gaining greater comfort with dialogue and diversity as essential elements in that process.

As a photographer, I am interested in paying attention, in moving from the general to the particular, from the large to the small, in closely attending to what is before me as I look to capture the moment when light and subject meet in time and space, and when color, tone, and texture merge in a way that is distinctive. The best photographs invite the viewer to share the experience of observing with me as I focus in on the “crack in the wall” or the “crevasse of the floor.” But my artistic intent is more than that. The photograph, if successful, encourages the viewer who shares the moment with me, to pause and take the time to extract some meaning from the image that goes beyond the literal. As William Blake states poetically, there is potential in that moment “to see the World in a Grain of Sand, and Heaven in a Wild Flower.” My desire is not to insist that the viewer find the same meaning that I may have found, but rather to challenge him/her to engage the work and extract their own meanings.”

Alan deCourcy currently has a studio at the Oxford Community Arts Center. He has participated in both solo and juried exhibitions.

Digital images from this exhibition are available upon written request.

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